Club tests skills outside mainstream gaming


by Annie Beurman

Reporting Correspondent 

Tabletop gaming is the specialty of the Board and Card Game Club, whose members meet every Wednesday at Dining Down Under in the COM building to develop their gaming skills, enjoy friendly competition and take their games to the next level.  

Board and Card Game Club meets every Wednesday at Dining Down Under in the COM building.
Board and Card Game Club meets every Wednesday at Dining Down Under in the COM building.

The club goes outside of the well-known family games. “Gaming is a much larger world than Monopoly and Clue,” said club member Bruce Yost.

However, club adviser Daniel Owens said the club isn’t always playing mainstream tabletop games on the opposite end of the family gaming spectrum. He said the group doesn’t typically play in-depth games like Magic: The Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons, but that several students in the group do play those games.

Most of the games include titles outside of the popular family games, such as Netrunner, Splendor, Race for the Galaxy, Seven Wonders or Castles of Burgundy. The members are open to exploring games not many people have heard of, no matter how complex they are.

As a relatively new member of the club, Yost encourages anyone interested in tabletop gaming to give the club a shot.

“I just found out about [the club] and I’m an enthusiastic board gamer so it appeals to me,” said Yost.

Club adviser Omar Conrad said all gamers, regardless of experience or familiarity with the game being played, are welcome.

“No need to know how to play. We will teach you. No need to bring games, though many students do,” said Conrad. “We typically have two to three groups playing games with two to four players in each game.”

Student Jacob Robinett was appointed as club president since fall 2015, a position he has enjoyed.

“What I like most about the club is it is an avenue to test and practice my academic skills against others,” said Robinett. “It’s very informal, no pressure. Really, it’s just a good time.”

The club meets on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Dining Down Under in the COM building and is still accepting new members who have a passion for or are interested in gaming. The club encourages people interested in playing to show up to one of their meetings.


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