Book review: “Cash Your Investment…” offers students solid tips to achieve success after college


By Graciela Becerra 

Features Editor

“Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree into a Great First Job,” written by Scott Eberwein, takes students through a step-by-step guide to attaining their dream job after graduation.

Using his own experiences and the knowledge he gained before attaining his own dream job at an investment banking firm in New York City, Eberwein’s book will ease the turbulence of job searching.

The book ends up being a great guide for students who are confused about the job searching process and don’t know where to begin. In the 163-page book, Eberwein manages to cover several topics that are important to understand and master prior to getting started.

Eberwein begins the five-chapter book by advising students not to rely solely on the career services center on their campus because they most likely don’t have the resources available to suit every student’s specific needs.

In chapter one, titled “Master Your Mind,” he uses the mind over matter concept, explaining the importance of having and maintaining a positive attitude throughout the entire process. Eberwein urges students to refrain from being doubtful or having negative thoughts because they will only be taking themselves out of the game before truly giving it a shot. He encourages students to build up their confidence by periodically reminding themselves of their strong suits and skill set.

In chapter two, “Utilize a Mentor,” Eberwein shares the advantages of finding someone who has been in the student’s shoes before. He explains that a mentor will keep the student positive and focused in the face of rejection. He states a mentor will also help ease interview pressure and assist in refining the student’s résumé. In addition, Eberwein expresses the importance of ignoring unsolicited third party advice from people who aren’t aware of the student’s specific situation.

In chapter three, “Conduct an Exhaustive Job Search,” he covers a wide range of topics and advice related to the actual job-searching process. Topics include the importance of putting the job search at the top of the list and acknowledging that finding a great job is the reason students went to college in the first place, so job searching should now be prioritized. Eberwein also offers tips on résumés, interviews and how to maintain momentum throughout the job-hunting process.

In chapter four, “Interview Effectively,” Eberwein advises students to prepare for interviews ahead of time and to learn everything they can about the company they’re interviewing with. He also suggests reaching out to mentors and contacts to solicit advice and information from insider professionals.

Chapter five, “Craft a Superior Résumé,” urges students to take advantage of the career services center on their campus and consider attending résumé-crafting workshops for help. Eberwein discusses how using real résumés as a model and why finding professionals to proofread résumés can be a big help for students in the job market. He also discusses best practices for writing cover letters.

Although reading the book is not the only way students can obtain their dream job,s it does offer valuable advice and relevant anecdotes from Eberwein’s own life experiences that readers can learn from.

“Cash Your Investment: How to Leverage Your College Degree into a Great First Job” currently has a five-star rating on Amazon and can be purchased through the site for approximately $19.95.




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