Donny Whitton defeats incumbent president in Student Senate election


by Aaron Rhodes 

Staff Reporter

The college’s Student Senate elections took place in early April and the results were released last week. Winning candidates are listed below. Donny Whitton defeated the incumbent president John Rives, although Rives will continue to serve as a senator-at-large.

Incoming president Whitton complimented President Rives and said he was surprised and happy about his win. Whitton also noted that he would like to help unify the college’s students and highlighted his plans to increase transparency in textbook-buying and class enrollment, warm water for the men’s gym showers, more fitness options and a nap room for the campus.

“I look forward to bringing the cohesion and unity that I think could be a little better,” said Whitton.
“[We should be] getting everyone to work together as a team so that everyone feels like their voice is heard and is able to contribute their piece.”

2016–2017 Student Senate

Executive Board

President: Donny Whitton

Vice-President: Amanda Wang

Secretary: Ali Zinati

Treasurer: Peng “Frankie” Zeng

Parliamentarian: Alex Rowe



Steph Alvarez

Destini Barcelona

Tom Chan

Sanya Hassan

Jin Joo Hwang

Anupreet Kaur

Neyvis Martinez

Berther Ondiek

Maria Ramirez

John Rives

Catalina Wedman

Check back at this fall for more coverage of the college’s new Student Senate.


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