Voice actors from ‘The Angry Birds Movie’ speak about upcoming film


by Graciela Becerra

Features Editor


Maya Rudolph and Josh Gad from “The Angry Birds Movie” recently participated in a conference call where they spoke about the video game-inspired movie.

Rudolph, best known for her roles in the movies “Bridesmaids” and “Sisters,” was excited about her role in the upcoming movie.

“I play Matilda,” said Rudolph. “ … [And] I play the anger management counselor on the island. So I have the … luxury of getting to know the angriest of the birds in this community and working with the most troubled.”

“The Angry Birds Movie” is set on an island with mostly happy birds but when the island is visited by mysterious green pigs, three characters try to figure out their plans.

Gad, who previously voiced the character Olaf in the movie “Frozen,” was proud of the transformation his character makes throughout the film.

“I play a character named Chuck, who is what I like to call a speed demon,” said Gad. “… Chuck is somebody who almost operates faster than he can think and … Chuck has a real problem … with his anger which manifests itself through his speed, but during the course of the film he finds a way to use that anger and translate it into passion and make history on bird island.”

Gad was careful not to reveal too much, but he managed to describe one of his favorite scenes.

“There’s a great scene where Chuck is introduced and he’s given a speeding ticket because he’s a speed demon,” he said. “He messes with the cop but the cop doesn’t even know he’s being messed with because Chuck is going so fast. It’s such a great introduction for Chuck’s character.”

Gad thinks the complexity of the movie’s humor will draw in an audience of all ages.

“We’re in an amazing period right now with Angry Birds and … like the Pixar movies, where these movies work on two different levels,” said Gad. “They work for adults but they also work for kids, and that, as an entertainer, gives us amazing opportunities.”

Rudolph believes viewers who have previously played the video game will be amazed by how the characters are brought to life in the film.

“It’s basically the game animated,” said Rudolph. “And as I was looking at it, I thought people are going to be blown away when you get to know these birds. … They are fully formed, walking [and] talking … the angry birds everyone knows up until this point are nonverbal and we weirdly understand their personalities but now we actually get to know them. So it pays off … seeing the game come to life.”

“The Angry Birds Movie” will be released in theaters on May 20, 2016. For more information on the film, visit the Angry Birds Movie website


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