Classes begin and emotions vary for students


Kim Harms

Staff reporter

Students both new and returning seemed to have mixed emotions about their first day of the Fall 2016 semester. First year students were rushing through the halls to get to their first classes on time, while returning students seemed relaxed and unfazed by their new schedules.

Student Olivia Uebelein experienced her first college classes Monday.

“The teachers were all very nice. The college was a good transition from high school to a four year university,” said Uebelein.

Student Amen Kenea also experienced her first college classes on Monday.

“They were a little bit crazy, I couldn’t find one of the buildings,” said Kenea. “I only had one class. I really liked how the college had a bunch of helpers for the new students.”

Two students utilize the outdoor seating to work and relax between classes on the first day back. Photo by Henry Lubega, The Campus Ledger.
Two students utilize the outdoor seating to work and relax between classes on the first day back. Photo by Henry Lubega, The Campus Ledger.

Student Jordan Johnson just transferred to the college recently and although she was took classes through the college for her summer semester, this was her first time actually on campus.

“This is my third year and my first Fall semester here. I didn’t really have trouble finding my classes, it was easy going, [I] just followed some signs,” said Johnson.

Second year student Austin Fritz seemed unfazed by the return of the new school year.

“My classes were pretty good; I’ve only had one so far. I didn’t really have trouble finding classes since I’m a second year student,” said Fritz

Throughout the campus, there were several students walking around with buttons on them that said, “Ask Me.” These students were there for any new or returning students who wanted information about class locations and events that were going on around campus.

Student Maria Paramo-Perez spent her first day of classes answering questions for other students and helping out anyone on campus who was in need of guidance.

“It was nice to see people be curious about things on campus,” said Paramo-Perez.

In addition to students returning from last year, there is one student at the college who is returning from 10 years ago. The last time student Chad Ubben took classes at the college was in 2006.

“I graduated high school in 2005 and went to the college in 2005 and 2006,” said Ubben. “Then, I lost interest and worked managing a movie theater, then worked at Target. Now I’ve been working in the toxicology department at Clinical Reference Laboratory for two years. My supervisor retired and no one could take her position because nobody had their Associate’s Degree. That was a big factor in deciding to go back to college and get a degree. Even if I don’t stay with this job, having a degree will eventually get me to a higher position and better pay and more opportunities at any job I choose.”

Students of several age groups seemed to enjoy their first classes of the semester. If any students have any questions about class locations or events and activities going on this week, they can find information at the Welcome Desk located in the Student Center.


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