Parking spot designated for wounded veterans

Located at the front of the Student Center building, the Wounded Veteran parking space is accessible to veterans in possession of a parking permit. Anyone without a parking permit found in the spot will be subject to a fine. Photo by Henry Lubega, The Campus Ledger.

Kim Harms

Staff reporter

On May 4, 2016 a parking spot at the college was designated for wounded veterans. The space is located in front of the Student Center between the handicap and one hour parking spots.

Veterans Club President Stephanie Alvarez explained the process of getting the space designated.

“[The Veterans Club] worked with the police department last semester and then we got the parking space. We asked the Police Department to give us a space that would be ideal for veterans who can’t walk across parking lots. [The Veteran Club] had a small ceremony between myself, the old president, the co-president, and the police department,” said Alvarez.

Student Devin Conwell expressed his thoughts on the designated space.

“I think it’s a good idea. It’s a thank you gesture you can give to a disabled veteran. [Wounded veterans] have already been through so much, so why not make [getting around campus] easier for them,” said Conwell

Student Thomas Defilippis thinks people often take simple things, like walking, for granted.

“I feel like if [wounded veterans] were able to cross the seas for us, then we should be able to cross the parking lot,” said Defilippis.

The subject hit close to home as both Conwell and Defilippis are familiar with someone who is a wounded veteran.

Students Devonte Brown and Desiré Brown explained why they liked the idea of having a designated spot for wounded veterans.

“I thought [the parking space] was a good idea because we have a lot of veterans [at the college]. There are so many parking spot we can afford to lose such as the 30 minute parking,” said Devonte Brown.

“It’s honoring the fact that they served [our country]. It acknowledges them and all that they have done, so I like the idea of having that for [the veterans],” said Desiré Brown.

Any disabled veterans wishing to use this parking space can obtain a parking permit from the Veterans and Military Services located in COM 205.


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