Staff Editorial: Welcome back! It’s time to focus on success


The Campus Ledger editorial board would like to formally welcome you to the Fall 2016 semester. As parents and teachers have likely been telling you for much longer than you care to remember, you must apply yourself to be successful and there is no place that exemplifies that statement more than college. Johnson County Community College offers plenty of resources to help you apply yourself, as well as additional opportunities to apply yourself in new settings.

One of the most important contacts you can have at the college is a counselor. The counselors are there to help you pick the best classes for your area of study and future goals with academic advice. They can also help you with any of the emotional issues that college students often face. Students can email or call any counselor to set up appointments through the contact information provided on the college’s website. Walk-in visits are also available and work well for quick questions.

After your path has been laid out with the help of a counselor and your classes are in full swing, the college’s resource centers may just save your life. Spread across the main buildings on campus are the Math Resource Center, Writing Center, Science Resource Center, and Language Resource Center. All of these facilities are free and open every day of the week to students enrolled in related classes. The facilities include tutors, equipment and books related to their respective subjects available for either walk-ins or appointments.

Once you’ve made best pals with a counselor and have gotten in the rhythm of all of your coursework, you can decide whether or not you’d like to participate in a club or organization on campus. A sprawling list is available on the college’s website that includes basic summaries of the each of the dozens of organizations along with contact information for those who are interested. Whether the organization you’re interested in functions to help you network, have fun or provide a supportive community, joining a group on campus can only improve your overall experience at the college.

Other than utilizing the resources provided to you by the college, the most important thing to do here is communicate. That may mean raising your hand in class, teaming up with classmates to study or emailing your professor about why you’re absent — ahead of time. In nearly every aspect of life during and after your enrollment in community college, communication is a key component for success.

From the Ledger, we wish you a successful and exceptional semester.


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