Letter to the Editor: Clinton not fit for presidency


Of the candidates for president, Hillary Clinton is the worst choice due to her lack of judgement, compassion, experience and her character.

Since Hillary stepped on the public stage 30 years ago in Arkansas she has been awash in scandal and controversy.  According to former campaign manager Dick Morris, Hillary’s aloof and disrespectful attitude for the regular people cost Bill Clinton a second term as governor in 1980.  Since then, every move, every word, her hair, her clothes and even when she laughs have all been carefully choreographed by focus groups.

Candidate Hillary says that she is a champion of women and children.  As a lawyer Hillary destroyed a 12 year old rape victim on the witness stand. That child, Kathy Shelton, ended up in a coma, required serious medical treatment and will never be able to have children. Hillary cast the young girl as a crazed, lying, sexual predator for older men.  Roy Reed interviewed Hillary in the 1980s and she laughed about how she knew her client was guilty.  This echoes with how Monica was cast as a crazed, lying stalker obsessed with Bill Clinton, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey were given the same treatment.  Hillary is no friend of women or children who get in the way of her quest for power.

Since leaving the White House, the Clinton’s have amassed a fortune of over $100 million and have control of over $2 billion. They have produced nothing.  She says she cares about student debt but demanded UMKC pay her $375,000 for an appearance.  Canadian businessman Frank Giustra donated $140 million to the Clintons and received lucrative mining rights in Columbia and Kazakhstan through the State Department.  Giustra also acted as the middleman in a deal approved by Secretary of State Clinton to sell 20% of U.S. uranium reserves to Russia.  In Haiti, only 6% of the money collected went to the people of Haiti.

In foreign policy, Hillary failed to secure the Status of Forced agreement in Iraq which lead to the formation of ISIS.  She failed to heed the warnings about overthrowing Khadaffi in Libya. It has since become another ISIS stronghold.  She failed to deter Putin in the Crimea.  During the attack on the consulate in Benghazi she failed to act and allowed four Americans to die at the hands of terrorists and then she lied to the grieving families.  Later she accused the mothers and fathers of acting crazy and lying her conduct.

Recent WikiLeaks emails (that have not been denied) demonstrate that Hillary has contempt for “average” Americans, religious Americans (especially Catholics) and she shows intent to change how we think of constitutional freedoms enshrined in the first, second and fifth amendments.

Calvin Oyler, JCCC student


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