Staff Editorial: Americans must now stand up for their neighbors

Donald Trump addressing attendees at a rally at The Midland in Kansas City back in March. Photo by Andrew Hartnett, The Campus Ledger.

[Editor’s note: The original version of this article mentioned a case of church arson in Mississippi that was originally reported as being carried out by a Trump supporter. A member of the congregation has been arrested for the crime and the article has been edited retracting that mention.]

Early on Wednesday morning, the American public was informed that Donald Trump would be the next president of the United States. The news came as a shock to many and is being touted as one of the largest upsets in American political history. Despite the amount of horrors that every president is accountable for, Barack Obama had been steadily driving our country in a positive social direction. American voters have now allowed Donald Trump to grab the wheel and set our path for the edge of a cliff.

After a campaign fueled by unabashed racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and ableism, a Trump presidency looks to be a nightmarish one for anyone living in America who is not a straight white person.

His long-running call for a border wall between the United States and Mexico has done nothing to help our relations with the country. Early on he called people crossing the border “rapists” and more recently “bad hombres.” A report published by the Southern Poverty Law Center has stated that Trump’s campaign had been “producing an alarming level of fear and anxiety among children of color and inflaming racial and ethnic tensions in the classroom. Many students worry about being deported.”

As recently as the first week of November, a black church in Mississippi was set on fire with “Vote Trump” written on the side. David Duke, former leader of the Ku Klux Klan, has stated that Trump winning made for “one of the most exciting nights of [his] life.” If these things are taking place now, imagine what will happen as Trump takes office and begins to approve legislation.

Considering that many did not take to the polls on Election Day, Americans — especially those with the privilege of not being Trump’s targets — must now take direct action in combatting the poisonous side effects of his presidency.

The responsibility now falls on you. If a friend of yours is scared to wear a hijab out of their house, stand by them. If they are afraid of walking down the street with their partner, stand by them. If they fear that could be deported, stand by them. Now more than ever, Americans must have each others’ backs and fend off white supremacy, sexual assault apologism and the onslaught of other issues that Trump and his supporters have shown they do not care about.


  1. This will be the second time that I’ve written a comment about this story. I guess the editorial staff is afraid of some truth. Anyway;

    Once again the radical left is trying to advance the meme that Trump ran a campaign based on “unabashed racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia and ableism”. It’s fun being the editor of a campus newspaper because you can say all kinds of crap in print but rarely get called to defend it. The writer then puts it out there that only straight, white “person” (what happened to the sexism?) will like Trump’s America.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is a radical left wing organization that the left loves to put up as some sort of objective legal group. They are not. They have touted nearly every left wing policy that has come down the pike and have attacked nearly all conservative, republican politician as racist, sexist, and homophobic (sound familiar?).

    Racism: I suppose that this is based on the fact that Trumps wants to enforce that existing laws on immigration. Oops! Strike that immigration word. Immigrants who want to be Americans follow the rules and wait in line for an opportunity. These criminals are opportunists who are taking advantage of a system that is out of date and incapable of solving the problem. Why is it incapable? Because the reform of the immigration system has become a football of politics. No one on the right is saying end immigration (though the left says that it is) but we should be able to pick and choose who we are giving that opportunity. More importantly, we reserve the right to refuse anyone who cannot reconcile their religion with the many rights that we enjoy. If we had enforced our laws, 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 would not have been in this country on that day.. Racism…NO, national security.

    Sexism: Trump is a 70 years old man and grew up in a time when feminism itself said that it was okay for a man to be tacky and ask for sexual favors up front. If he took NO for an answer then no harm, no foul. Go back and look at the 70s for reference. Many comedians made light of this wisdom. Trump and Clinton, seem to take this to heart but Trump takes NO for an answer. Clinton just turns to rape. The many women who came forward before the election have disappeared after the election. Many of their stories fell apart under examination or lacked credibility. Trump is a man of his times. Boorish, tacky, and sometimes insensitive but sexist? No, Trump has advanced many women in his organization to leadership positions before most other men like him got the message. You may also ask why Obama and Hillary both pay their female staffers less than the men for the same job.

    Homophobic: Let’s do this quick. The gold standard for tolerance is gay marriage. Trump supported the idea of gay marriage (it was none of his business what people did) BEFORE Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

    Xenophobia: Now that’s a big word. Fear of everything foreign. Should we fear countries that are taking advantage of the US economically and thus costing the American worker their jobs? Should we fear countries that are developing nuclear weapons and possess a hatred for all things western or American? Should we fear a tiny little dictator with nuclear weapons who promises to kill millions of Americans if he can’t get his way? Should we fear the radical elements of a major religion that will slaughter gay people, women who will not submit to their men, and any able bodied man who may take up arms against it? Xenophobia? Nope, Common sense.

    Ableism: Another made up word…. I suppose that this is about the video of Trump mocking a reporter with a debilitating disease by mumbling his speech and waving his arms around. Did you know that video exists of Trump doing the same thing when mocking Ted Cruz and a general who questioned about why we couldn’t seem to defeat ISIS. Trump was not mocking anyone’s disability (unlike Joe Biden who asked a wheel chair bound supporter to “stand up” or Texas governor candidate Wendy Davis (d) making fun of her wheel chair bound opponent by talking about how his pants would catch fire), Trump was just doing a bad impersonation. Why did he do it? Because that reporter wrote a story in 2002 about thousands of Muslims in New Jersey celebrating the fall of the towers on 9/11. Years later when Trump recalled the story, that reporter denied writing it or denied that what he wrote was true.

    The Campus Ledger is NOT an unbiased, objective source of news, Nor is it a good platform teaching journalistic integrity. The CL has become an instrument of the left putting propaganda out as news and teaching their students to become political hacks.

    Sorry, call em like I see em.

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