Resource centers to combine, relocate

Ian Nteere, a JCCC men’s soccer player, does his homework at the math resource center. According to plans at hand, all resource centers including but not limited to the writing center and the math resource centers will be placed in one location. This is intended to improve service delivery to students. Photo by Henry Lubega, The Campus Ledger.

Nell Gross

News Editor

A final decision has been made to approve the new facilities master plan that would effectively combine the college’s five main academic resource centers and relocate them to the first floor of the library. This decision was made at the October Board of Trustees meeting.  

Currently, the college’s resource centers are located throughout campus near where their respective classes are taught. The language and writing resource centers are located in the library, the science and math centers are both in CLB and the Academic Achievement Center (AAC) is located in OCB.

“The major benefit will be for students who will no longer have to pack up and move across campus to get help in various classes,” said Mickey McCloud, Vice President of Academic Affairs.

The combining of the resource centers will allow for students to get the help they need from each resource center in one stop. The centers will be able to collaborate to help students and share their strengths with one another.  

“You have the Academic Achievement Center, and they have the study skills and we have science students who is struggle with study skills,” said Suneetha Menon, director of the Science Resource Center. “So we can probably work together to help the student which in the current center is not possible.

The procedures of the centers are not set to change. However, the introduction of an intake area will have to occur as a way to track have students sign in and be directed to what they need. Each center will be gaining more space to work in, and will be able to request computers, open tutoring areas and quiet rooms as needed.

“The ultimate goal is not to lose the efficiency and effectiveness of what they do, but to deploy it in a new space to make it more convenient for students, to not only get that help but all of their help” McCloud said.

The process of relocating will begin around February when the college will begin searching for an architect and construction company. Construction is expected to take place during the summer of 2018, with the project being done in September.

“Since it’s something new we do not know how it’s going to change, from what we are anticipating, it could have its pros and cons … because any change comes with it’s own challenges,” Menon said.


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