Guest column: In defense of Trump


Calvin Oyler


[Editor’s note: The arrest of Pakistani citizens mentioned occurred in 2015, not 2016 when the article was published (Vol. 39, issue 4 — December 2016). The column was also edited for another unsubstantiated claim.]

Recently The Campus Ledger published an editorial attacking President-Elect Trump and those who voted for the man. Donald Trump does not need me to defend him but I believe that the truth deserves a champion. The attacks on DJT came from the echo chamber of the media.  One outlet publishes an unsubstantiated story and the rest pile on using the original story as their “proof”. This is very thin evidence to indict 57% of Kansans and 75% of the veterans.

DJT is a man who grew up in an age when feminist doctrine said a man could ask a sexual question of a woman. If she said no then the man was allowed to continue on to another woman without penalty. No means no was the catch phrase.  Today, we are to devise the thoughts of the aggressor and not his actions. Trump has promoted both women and minorities in his companies without question. Unenlightened maybe, boorish at times, yes, but sexist, no.

I suspect the charge of racism comes from DJT’s stance on illegal immigration but I will point out that more than just Hispanic people are penetrating this country.  This is about national security and not racism. Just this week, Pakistani men were detained inside the border.  To equate security with racism is…well, racist.

DJT is in favor of gay marriage. That is the litmus test isn’t it? He has held this belief longer than both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who came out in favor for the 2012 elections.

There is a video of DJT mocking a reporter for denying what he had written years earlier.  Trump mugged his face and waved his arms around for comic effect. The reporter has a chronic disease that does not allow him joint movement. Makes Trump look like he is laughing at the reporter’s illness but there is also a video of Trump doing the same gestures while mocking a fully able general who can’t seem to give a straight answer on ISIS. Trump is guilty of being a bad impersonator and not making fun of the handicapped.

Islamophobia and xenophobia…when you have people of one religion trying to destroy your civilization, kill your citizens, and enslave your children, I think you have a reason to be concerned. It is time we had a president who can see the obvious. Ask any veteran if radical Islam is a problem.

Donald Trump was not my first choice for president, or my second, or even my third.  When it came down to voting…he was the only choice. The Campus Ledger is an educational organ designed to teach the ethics and practices of good journalism. In this they have failed.


  1. I thought we had this cleared up. Unsubstanciated claim? Here are two links to youtube videos (one of many) that show the entire truth.
    Donald Trump mocked a reporter for denying his own reporting from 2001. This reporter wrote that Muslims were celebrating 9/11 in New Jersey. In 2016 he said that he could not remember. So Trump mocked him not for a disability but for lying about what he wrote.
    Trump also mocked Ted Cruz with the same character and an active duty army general. Trump was not making fun of the handicapped as reported by the Campus Ledger but doing a bad impersonation of someone trapped in a corner.

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