Anticipate big battles on the return of “The Walking Dead”

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Thomas Foote

Staff reporter

Spoiler alert: Deaths from previous episodes

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” once again trots out another season premiere on Sunday, Feb. 12. Viewers will see Rick Grimes in a place that they’ve seen him before. He’s very low, but on the last episode he was gathering up groups to fight Negan and his followers.

The last time we saw Rick like this he was farming outside the prison. This led to a sprawling battle with the Governor, and the loss of Hershel, who was a main character and the father of two of the characters Beth and Maggie. Signs show that this premiere won’t nearly have as big a clash as with the Governor. That episode was criticized for its overt violence which included a decapitation.

Rick’s group of survivors is a little more scattered this time around. Carol has exiled herself, while Enid, Maggie and Sasha are still at the Hilltop. Certainly Maggie and Sasha would be key parts of any revolt against Negan, so it appears that it’s going to take Rick some time to gather up the troops. Plus, he will have to convince the groups into solidarity because of Negan’s numbers. It also is another comeback so emblematic of this story. Darryl, another key element of a revolt against Negan, had been kept in a prison for most of last season. A hypothetical victory over Negan and his followers certainly won’t be the last struggle for this crew.

Yet another threat was seen watching Aaron and Rick from the lake of walkers. There’s always something around the corner on this show, and sometimes it results in a loss of a main character. An unlikely scenario had Rick and his crew following the orders of Negan. It was a definite departure in personality with Rick and his entire crew.

The characters will certainly keep developing, but given the history of the show, they will likely revert to form. Sooner or later the big boys on the block are going to fight.



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