Valentine’s Day was celebrated on campus this year by students with blood donations, a flower sale and a baked goods fundraiser.

The Community Blood Center is taking donations in the RC 270 on Feb. 14-15 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Volunteers donate one pint of blood and afterward are provided with snacks and beverages.

Student Daya Bachert donated blood at the college for the fourth time on Feb. 14 and explained that her rare blood type inspired her to give the gift of blood this Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t physically like giving blood but my blood type, AB-, isn’t very common, so I think it’s nice to donate and makes me feel good,” Bachert said. “I think everyone should try to donate blood because those that donate are potentially saving lives and there’s no better gift than that.”

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Aside from blood donation, the International Club is celebrating Valentine’s Day by selling floral arrangements made by students. The prices for individual flowers are one flower for $3 or two flowers for $5 and arrangements vary from $15 to $25.  

Student Michaela Martin said the club worked hard to create the floral arrangements and voted on their favorites that they hoped the students on campus would enjoy and purchase.

“Our goal for our annual Valentine’s Day floral sale was to create arrangements for everyone on campus whether someone is buying flowers for a friend or for their significant other,” Martin said.

Student Angel Prince stopped by the flower sale and bought some flowers to give as a present to his mother.

“I’ll be spending this Valentine’s Day with my mom and think that she’ll really appreciate the flowers I bought for her here on campus,” Prince said. “I think Valentine’s Day is meant to celebrate people you care about and to acknowledge those that you love.”

Besides purchasing flowers, students and employees had the opportunity to support Campus Connections as they raised donations for the Veteran Student Scholarship Fund. The members baked Valentine’s Day themed treats with all proceeds going to the fund. The bake sale had sold out by 1 p.m.

Not all students were able to donate blood or stop by the floral and bake sales on Valentine’s Day. Student Nick Moreno is eager to celebrate the holiday with his girlfriend for the first time.

“I got my girlfriend flowers and chocolate and had her coworker put them on her desk before she got to work and am taking her downtown for dinner tonight,” Moreno said. “I’m actually excited for this Valentine’s Day because she will be so surprised and I enjoy doing cheesy things for her that make her happy.”


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