Here’s what we’re working on for our next print edition

The Cavalier women's basketball team isn't letting a loss in last March's NJCAA tournament get in their way of victory on the court this season. They're back and ready to face their opponents as March Madness nears. Ledger file photo

The next print edition of The Campus Ledger will be published Thursday, March 9. Editors, reporters and photographers are hard at work, conducting interviews and taking snapshots of campus life. Here’s just a glimpse of what we have planned for the next newspaper:

Concealed carry

On July 1, the college’s conceal carry exemption the will be expiring. We’ll be talking to students and faculty about their opinions on the matter, and what effect they think it will have on the college.

A day in the life of a groundskeeper

Do you ever wonder what work goes into keeping the college looking good? We’ll be showing you what a day in the life of one of the college’s groundskeepers is like, and how they maintain the campus.

Managing Editor Nell Gross will profile the college’s very own ‘Million Dollar Baby,’ art student Katie Dallam. Dallam has used art to help assist her in the healing process after being dealt life-threatening injuries as a novice boxer several years ago. Image courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

Million dollar baby

After a traumatic brain injury in the boxing ring left her with short term memory loss, Katie Dallam has embraced her long-time passion for art. She is believed to be the inspiration for the movie “Million Dollar Baby” despite the movie being based on a fictional short story. She is currently enrolled at JCCC taking art classes. We’ll be talking to Katie about how art has helped her cope during difficult times.

Resume tips

If you’re looking for a way to improve your resume and impress future employers, our column on resume tips will be for you.

Women’s March Madness

The Cavaliers women’s basketball team was eliminated in the regional tournament last season, but this season they are looking to return to the NJCAA tournament. This years tournament will be held in Arkansas. News editor Morgan Lamb will be speaking with some of the players and coaches about some strategies they will be using and how they expect the tournament to go.

— Compiled by Nell Gross, managing editor



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