Center for Sustainability to hold annual Harvest Dinner

The Open Petal Farm, where many components of the dinner will be harvested. Photo by Steven Green, The Campus Ledger

Alessandro DeBrevi

Reporting correspondent

The Center for Sustainability will be hosting the Harvest Dinner in the Regnier Center on Friday, Aug. 25. The dinner, an annual fundraiser to support Sustainable Agriculture students, will give guests an opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal provided by Chef Calvin Davis of Freshwater Restaurant and Aaron Prater of the college’s Hospitality Management Program.

Davis and Prater, who specialize in fine cuisine, are also committed to local food sourcing, which is a prominent aspect of the Program’s mission.

“Typically the chefs that we bring in already have a stated commitment to local food,” said Kristy Howell, Sustainability Education and Engagement Coordinator.  

In accordance with this, the three course meal will give attendees a taste of what students in the program have been working on, as the food provided will depend on the harvest from the Open Petal Farm on campus. The farm produces fresh peppers, herbs, tomatoes, berries and squash that have been grown by students.

The main focus of the evening will be the students in the ever-growing Sustainable Agriculture Program here on campus. Howell said the event is largely held to benefit the students involved in the program, as portions of each ticket purchase will help to fund multiple scholarships available to Sustainable Agriculture students.

“The [scholarships are] available to any student who participates in the Sustainable Agriculture [Program],” said Howell.

These scholarships are an opportunity for any student that is committed to making the Earth a better place through sustainable and environment-friendly practices.

The program, which seeks to make the college an environmentally, socially and economically responsible institution, has been working tirelessly towards this goal since its inception in 2009.

The reception will begin at 6 p.m. followed by the dinner at 7 p.m. Following the event, there will be a free concert by Maria the Mexican on the lawn.


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