Performing Arts Series rebrands as Carlsen Center Presents

New season of productions dazzles with acts of all kinds

The college’s Yardley Hall will host a wide variety of talent for the Fall 2017 semester, including Monty Python co-founder John Cleese, William Shatner, the Kansas Cowboy Jubilee, and many more. Photo by Andrew Hartnett, The Campus Ledger

Connor Heaton

Reporting Correspondent

This semester, students will have the opportunity to see stars, both big and small, perform as part of the college’s Carlsen Center Presents series.

Formerly known as the Performing Arts Series, Event Coordinator and General Manager Emily Behrmann said the series was recently rebranded to offer audiences some clarity.

“We are attracting new audiences all the time, so people who haven’t been to campus don’t necessarily know that Yardley Hall and Polsky Theater are inside the Carlsen Center,” Behrmann said. “It was a bit of a wayfinding thing, so the series became ‘Carlsen Center Presents.’”

Though the name might have changed, the quality and quantity of the acts have not. In fact, there are 35 unique performances throughout the year. These events host performers of all calibers and studies, from musicians and dancers to guest speakers and even movie stars.

“We really like to say that we are known for a variety of programs so we try not to focus on one particular genre,” Behrmann said. “That’s what differentiates us from our competitors.”

The events will showcase a number of musical talents, both local and worldwide. Dance is a major part of the series. First is a September 22 performance by New Dance Partners, a Carlsen Center-commissioned compilation of ballet, traditional and contemporary dancers.

iluminate*, an act that gained massive popularity following its appearance on America’s Got Talent, is breaking new ground in the dance world with their fusion of technology, storytelling and music. Their troupe uses neon glow-in-the-dark suits as they perform on a darkened stage. The tech-based company is set to light up the stage on Friday, October 13, with a pre-show dinner available as well.

Drawing the most eyes, however, is the arrival of two well-known stars in their respective genres. October 4 marks the arrival of the esteemed John Cleese. Cleese, known for his role in the Monty Python series, will do an up-close and personal Q&A talk with the audience after a screening of “The Holy Grail.” There will be laughs, quips and comedy flying faster than you can say “ni.”

In addition, William Shatner will also make the trek to the college with his one-man show “Shatner’s World: We Just Live in It.” Behrmann said this is one of the events she is most excited for.

“I admit I’m a diehard Shatner fan, so I’m excited to have him here. His show is really just a conversation with the audience where he’ll talk about Hollywood, his career moves and show clips from his years in the business,” Behrmann said.

Those interested in attending Carlsen Center Presents events should visit their site here.

*iluminate is the name of the act, uncapitalized



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