Campus Connections holding auction to benefit student scholarships

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Alessandro DeBrevi

Staff reporter

Campus Connections has raised money for student scholarships for over 40 years with their annual silent auction. This year, the auction will take place on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

The auction is Campus Connections’ biggest event. They have been working on this year’s auction since the day after last year’s auction.

“It’s been a part of our mission since the organization started to help students with scholarships,” said Michelle Heffron, counseling administrative assistant and president of Campus Connections.

All of the proceeds from the event will go towards funding student scholarships.

“We try to help as many students as we can each year,” Heffron said.

All of the items are donated from people on campus and contacts the organization has in the community. The items being auctioned off are all new or like-new. There will be gift certificates, furniture and jewelry to bid on, among other things.

There will also be various theme baskets auctioned off. These baskets are being put together by different departments on campus as part of an internal competition to see who can create the best one.

“It’s more [about] bragging rights,” Heffron said. “There’s no prize really except to know you contributed whatever [your basket sells for] … to student scholarships.”

Campus Connections is committed to creating an event that works toward the ultimate goal of the organization.

“Our main goal is how we as an organization … help the campus as a whole and how we help students,” Heffron said.

This event is open to anyone on campus. It will be held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the dining room at COM 155. More information on the event and a complete list of items being auctioned off can be found here.


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