Floral design classes prepare for Valentine’s Day


Kaytlin Hill

Reporting Correspondent 


After spending the last few days working on floral arrangements for Valentine’s Day, the Floral Design club is selling the arrangements this Wednesday at the top of the stairs in the COM building for $15-$30.

The Floral Design Program’s Valentine’s Day sale is a 15-year tradition, using more than 30 types of flowers in their festive arraignments this week. Students design and make all the bouquets in class.

Diana Ryan, professor, Floral Design, who’s in charge of the program involving more than 50 students, said the holidays provide the students with a chance to build their skills.

“I try to get the students a real-world experience, so the holidays are a perfect way to do that, so we have five designs we sell for valentine’s day and students repeat those and duplicate them,” said Ryan. “Which is pretty much real life what you would do in a flower shop, so and we sell to the staff and faculty and students on campus.”

Students, including Caroline Embree, believe that flowers are important to the holiday’s tradition.

“I think they are important for Valentine’s Day,” Embree said. “[It] shows that you care and love somebody.”

After selling around 70 arrangements in the past two days, Ryanne Pritchard, student, was there to buy one of the last bouquets as a last minute gift for her boyfriend.

“I think [the floral arrangements are] great,” Pritchard said. “As far as last minute gifts go, as well as the beautiful arrangements, it’s a pretty good idea. It also helps the horticulture department here on campus.”



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