Wednesday, July 17, 2019
What we’re working on for this week

What we’re working on for this week


Soccer Club

In their second year of existence, the soccer club has been attracting more and more students, but what exactly happens there? We will cover who they are, who can attend, when and where they meet, and much more!

Student Senate

Curious about the busy Student Senate? In the midst of recruiting new members, Student Senate members sit down with a reporter and share their experiences and advice.

Lawn Concerts 

Have you ever wanted to go to a free concert? One reporter gives details on the free concerts on campus.

Column: Immigration 

Managing editor, Daniel Moreira, will be discussing his views on immigration.


ECAV radio ended after their 10th year, will it come back? We’ll be talking with former members, advisors, and students who hoped to join this year.

Follow up: Corbin Crable

Just a couple weeks ago, Corbin Crable, former journalism advisor, was removed from his position in Kansas Collegiate Media and at the college. His letter left many questions for our reporters to seek out answers to.

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