Students share their opinions on early morning alerts


Although the weather conditions are not always predictable, most students are criticizing the short time that the college takes to send alerts cancelling classes.

“I was pretty upset that it was early in the morning and a pretty late message, considering that I already woke up and started getting ready,” Noah Galimba, student, said. “I don’t necessarily check my phone as the very first thing in the morning.”

“I know that there was a lot of people who had classes at like 7 a.m.,” Antonia Del Castillo, student, said. “So, they were waking up at 5 a.m., trying to get ready for school and when they checked their phone, they saw that school wasn’t even open.”

Others assumed that some of the college population lives far from the school, so they considered that been notified one or two hours previous to the college opening is not fair.

“[They] could have sent the email a little bit sooner,” Jordan Hernandez, student, said.

“I believe they should have sent it out earlier, like a day before [classes were canceled].” Jacob Marler, student, said.

However, some students think it would be fine to have school despite the weather conditions.

“I think we should’ve had school,” Jake Smith, student, said. “I was driving around at 6 p.m. after work and the roads were fine. I think we should’ve had school that day.”

A few days ago, the college sent out an emergency alert to students and the staff at 4:00 in the morning, announcing that all classes and activities were cancelled due to the icy conditions.




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