The college had a town hall with possible presidential candidate Howard Schultz


Howard Schultz, who is considering a White House run in 2020, answered some questions from students at the college. Here’s Vincent Amiri with the story.

Schultz: “So many people are saying this can’t be done,” Schultz said. “Well, I think it’s un-American to say it can’t be done.”

On April 9th in the CoLab, the college held a town hall with former Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz, who is considering running for president as an independent in 2020. Among those in attendance was JCCC Student Senate President Tiger Harris-Webster, who gave his thoughts on the event and the potential candidate.”

“I thought it was really fantastic,” Harris-Webster said. “I’ve seen a lot of his videos and did some research into him, and a lot of those answers were answers that he’s given before but trying to stay as much in the center I think is really important. I think that’s what he did really well. A centrist independent is really an interesting concept right now to someone winning. Our country is, obviously, I would say, is pretty politically divided, and so someone like him having a chance to win I think is very probable. But, at the same time, I kind of wish he would run the next election, just cause I feel like it’s unlikely that Trump will lose. He’s a successful businessman, I mean so is Trump, and so looking at, you know, kind of the billionaires running that are used to global economics and their success, I think it’s kind of interesting. It seems like that’s something that American people are wanting. If American people can find someone that they see is walking the walk, I don’t know, I think that he could have a good chance.”

For the Campus Ledger, I’m Vincent Amiri.



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