Students share their experiences with seasonal allergies


For some, the warm weather of spring is accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms caused by pollen in the air. A few students who get seasonal allergies described what they experience around this time of the year.

Katie Wood, said,  “I get, like, everything: itchy eyes, stuffy nose, sore throat.”

Zach Huey, said,“[I get] a stuffy nose, and then itchy eyes sometimes.”

Angelica Mabitazan, said, “Yeah, my nose gets runny, my eyes are itchy.”

They also shared how they alleviate the discomfort caused by their allergies.

“Usually [I], like, medicate a lot, take, like, Allegra or something,”  Wood said.

“Usually, first I take the, like, Zyrtec, just like, the swallow pills, and then if that doesn’t, like, get it within a good amount of time, I do the nasal spray. That usually works, but I don’t like the nasal spray that much,” Huey said.

“I drink tea, like, green tea, and I put some honey in it, or I take, like, Claritin Clear,” Mabitazan said

For the Campus Ledger, I’m Vincent Amiri.



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