KC Pet Project holds a special adoption day


The KC Pet Project is the leading animal shelter in the Kansas City Metro Area. Tacha Urrutia, manager for the Petco adoption center, described the process for obtaining new animals.

“So we’re contracted with the city of Kansas City, Missouri,” Urrutia said. “Animal Control brings in animals to us, they serve as stray holds, or we talk to them. We kind of hold the animals with us. And if for some reason they aren’t getting reclaimed or anything like that, then they come in, we fix them up, get them completely vetted, and then they go up for adoption.”

“I think adopting is more than just bringing a new animal into their home because every animal has their own sort of personality,” Urrutia said. ” Figure out what your lifestyle is like. Figure out what it is that you’re looking for. Figure out what your family is looking for. Know the animal personality you’re interested in. It just kind of depends, so I say just sit down and have that conversation – have that talk with your family because bringing an animal into the home is a big step.”

Amri Kilgore and Courtney Stuhlman, potential adopters, were kind enough to share with us their reasons for finding a new furry friend.

Kilgore said, “I have a very fun toddler as well as a cat that I think needs either a kitty cat friend or a dog friend, so that’s why I came in. I love KC Pet Project. My friends have bought – well, adopted –  five dogs through there, so every time they say where to go for an adoption it’s always KC Pet Project.”

Stuhlman said, “We have a Pomeranian, so something that’s good with small dogs. We haven’t really decided on one yet – that’s we came. But we’re just looking for a dog that gets along with our dog that we have already.”

And if you missed the 10$ adoption day this month, don’t worry, there are plenty of events coming up, according to Tacha Urrutia.

“We like to do events at least every other weekend,” Tacha said. “I know that there’s this big one that we’re really pushing for our cat side of things because we do focus on a lot of dogs. There’s the ‘Caturday’ in the Crossroads on May 11th, so everyone’s really excited about that.”

For more information on pet adoption visit KC Pet Project.com. For the Campus Ledger, I’m Jack McConathy.



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