Campus Ledger employees look back at the past year


With the Spring semester coming to an end, a few Campus Ledger employees shared details about their experiences in the newsroom. 

“I’m Kaytlin Hill. I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Campus Ledger, and I have worked here for over a year now! I am in charge of everything that goes on the website, whether that be video or a written story or a photo gallery. 

“My name’s Jason Thompson. I’m the Associate Producer with the Campus Ledger, and I’ve been here for three semesters. An average day, I come in and I’m usually overseeing everyone in their editing. If they have questions, I’m there to answer them, and I just make sure there’s no problems with the audio or color correcting, editing. The Cav Report is something we do every other week, and basically, all the packages we’ve been working on for two weeks, we get them all together and do a show.  You have someone on the prompter, audio, and it’s like a real show, our goal is to be able to do it live.” 

“My name is Daniel Moreira. I am the Managing Editor of the Campus Ledger, and I have worked here for, now, two semesters. Basically [all the] content that goes out written has to go by me. So, I’m editing, constantly editing every story that we go and try to publish. Sometimes I get to write as well, it just depends on how we’re doing with staff writers.” 

 Hill said, “My favorite thing about my job is the people. The people really make the Campus Ledger a fun place to be, and it’s just a fun environment, and I’m so glad that I joined here.” 

Moreira said, “I think that the best part is usually when I’m sitting down editing with someone else and getting to give them feedback. It tends to be really a fun experience.”  

Thompson said, “I’d say just learning new things everyday with editing. I learn from the producers here, it’s not just like ‘I know everything’, I learn something new every day, so I’d say that’s my favorite [thing about my job].” 

From the Campus Ledger, we’re signing off! 



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