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Reece Krall ( ) works as a producer for The Campus Ledger. This is his second semester at the college.


With the campus closed and students on lockdown, many are stuck at home with nothing to do. Student life is trying to change that and get students involved and engage by switching many of their activities to online. 
(Camille Mullings) “Because the campus is closed, the office is moving to online. We’re trying to get students engage on social media. So we do have an Instagram account, which is @JCCCstudentlife. Feel free to follow us on there. And then on there were doing out of engagement activities. We’re doing Kahoot games, we’re introducing all the various ambassadors and what how each and every of the ambassadors are handling the situation, because just like the students, we are students as well. Our classes, all our classes have moved on online.” 
“So we’re both facing it as well. We once had an international festival and instead of having it on campus, we’re going to host an online, online meeting that students are able to submit videos of their selves based off history of different countries, their backgrounds. If you even know anything about a different country, you could just submit it could be a meal, a song, any various information.”

“We’re also doing an online, hosting of watching movies online as a group. You can check out more in our get involve page where it gives you a day to day activities of what the things that we’re doing. I know on Fridays we’re doing a Friday hang out with the online twist to it where clubs and organization come together on Fridays.”

“I think our number one job is catering to students. And by doing that, we have to find ways to be creative and how to engage with our students, whether it’s on campus or online. So by perform by doing our by taking our responsibility serious, we are just engaging them instead of face to face online. Just to make them know that we’re still here, we’re still active and we’re still catering to them. But we have to be as flexible as it’s similar to taking online classes.’

‘We do have weekly meetings just to see how we can impact students life, how we can engage with students on a one on one, you know, just to let them know that we are still here, we’re still there with them, and we’re still trying to be as impactful or providing everyone with as much information as we can. We also know the stressful times that are coming and we know that.’ 
“We all are going through this together, as I would say, it’s social distancing. It’s not really social distancing, but it’s more like a physical distancing.”
From the campus ledger. This has been Reece Krall 



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