From birthday party to a Zoom party

By Johan Marin ( Marin is a staff reporter for the Campus Ledger. This is his fourth semester at the college. He enjoys writing, video editing and helping students get involved on campus. He spends most of his time hanging out with his friends and family.

Photo by Romel, Flickr Creative Commons.

Desiree Wright, student, made a drastic decision to plan an online 18th birthday party after finding out the stay-at-home order for COVID-19 would be extended until April 30. Wright was devastated when she found out she couldn’t celebrate her birthday on April 20 as she planned. She had been planning her party since the beginning of October, but in this circumstance, things didn’t turn out exactly how she imagined.

Originally, Wright had the idea of throwing a big backyard party inviting all her closest friends and colleagues to celebrate her transition into adulthood.  She wanted to cater Chipotle, play yard games and contract a DJ as Wright’s motive was to celebrate as if her life depended on it.  Finally, she longed to have her friends and her loved ones gather around the kitchen table and see her blow out the candles saying her last final goodbyes to her childhood. Unfortunately, she had to cancel, but COVID-19 isn’t stopping Wright from having a good time on her birthday.

“At the beginning I was worried that the stay-at-home order wasn’t going to let me buy a birthday cake, or order take out. I am glad I’m still able to do that,” Wright said. “It is sad. I have always tried to celebrate my birthday in the best way as possible, but I guess this year I just must be creative and make the best of it. I hope others who have birthdays in April can celebrate in the same way.”

Wright is thankful for technology, as she can now connect with her friends through Zoom on her birthday. She plans on playing board games like Cards Against Humanity and Uno while she and her friends listen to hip-hop music in the background. After having lots laughs and hours of fun, she wants to end her birthday “party” having her friends sing “Happy Birthday” to her as she blows a candle out and enjoys her burrito bowl from Chipotle with her family.

“Organizing my new party has kept me busy and positive of the future,” Wright said.

As of right now, Wright’s plan is to celebrate with her friends and family, but she’s thinking of advertising her plan to her classmates. Doing this, she wants to involve students and help boost their positivity and help distract them from the world.

“At a weird time like this, we all need to be together and rejoice in happiness,” Wright said.

Wright hopes that COVID-19 will soon calm down so she can go out and have a real celebration with her family. For now, she plans to make the best of being at home by spending time with her family and her dog. She also hopes that her creative plan can inspire others who also have a same birthday as her. As well, inspire creative ways to have fun with friends while social distancing.

“I know many students out there are feeling anxious and scared,” Wright said. “I want to let them know that hard times don’t last and once this is done, no one can stop us from partying hard.”



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