Seven ways to stay busy in isolation

By Landen Fields ( Fields is the Executive Producer for The Campus Ledger. He joined The Ledger in the fall semester of 2019 and has always been interested in media and videography. Two of his favorite hobbies include recording his KU Basketball podcast – Inside the Paint – and watching as many sports as possible.


With the coronavirus keeping us from being able to spend time the way we normally would, we need some ways to entertain ourselves. Here are seven ways to stay busy and productive during isolation.

Number one — Keep up with school work. Online school may be challenging for many, but it’s still important to stay on top of your studies.

Number two — Work out. Do some push ups, sit ups, chin ups, anything with ups in the name is great. You could even go for a run or…

Number three — Go for walks. Look, we don’t really have many options to do things outside our homes. Taking a walk is great way to get out, stay safe, and be active.

Number four —  Video call your friends. Unfortunately we can’t see our friends in person right now, but services like Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime exist. Just talk about your weird drama on those apps until you can talk in person again.

Number five — Clean your house. Is it fun? Not really unless you’re one of those people, but it is extremely necessary. If you don’t clean up, those dust bunnies are going to be more like dust jackalopes am I right? I’ll be here all week.

Number six — Try some new recipes. My mom has already made ribs twice and tried a new bread pudding recipe. I get it if you don’t want to waste money on strange new food items at the store when you need to buy eight packs of toilet paper, but trying out some new recipes can be fun especially when it involves ribs.

Number seven — Do a puzzle. This isn’t a joke. Puzzles are great. You can spend a solid two hours on a 1000 piece puzzle without even making a dent. If that sounds like torture to you, start with a 100 piece puzzle to build up your tolerance.

And now three bonus activities that may or may not help you get through social distancing.

Watch the Chiefs win the Super Bowl again. It was the greatest moment of many people’s sports fandom. It’ll never get old. And it’s the closest thing to live sports we have right now.

Clean your boat. Who doesn’t have a boat…in Kansas…where we’re 3000 miles from either coast? Regardless, just take a clean towel and some water and wipe the sides down. Maybe wax it down if you’re into that. Vacuum the carpet if you really get invigorated and if your boat has carpet.

Ponder the mysteries of life and the universe. Why are we here? What is life really about? Is the multiverse real? Is God out there? All questions that can take up at least 37 minutes of your time. It may be nice to take your mind off corona virus and think of some of the lighter things in life.

For The Campus Ledger, I’m Landen Fields



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