Student senate Oct. 11 meeting

By Yohannes Girma ( Girma is a reporting correspondent for the Campus Ledger. This is his fourth semester at the college. He enjoys writing on his free time and hang out with friends. He also loves soccer.

Photo illustration by Gracyn Shulista.

The Student Senate held a General Assembly meeting on October 11. The main highlights of the meeting included guest speakers, granting funds and a request for software alternative to Zoom.

Sidney Henkensiefken, President of Honors, made a quick announcement about a program she is involved in called JCCC Let’s Get Out to Vote. The main purpose is to make people aware about voting by texting, emailing and chatting with other people. It is a collaborative nonpartisan event put on by Honors and PELA, and it will be held Friday through Zoom from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Model United Nation (MNU) was also another guest. MNU requested $504 for food services on their event that will be held Oct. 22 to 25. Kate Boyer, Vice President of MNU, gave a short speech about the reason of the money request. After short discussion was held, 100% of request was awarded. Student senate initially had $38,000, but it decreased to $37,496 after the approval.

Andrew Snow, senator, gave a presentation about Gatherly, an alternative to Zoom. His main points were how artificial intelligence will improve performance and work within the browser, unlike Zoom that requires download. It enables 1080p for up to 25 people or more. Gatherly has a virtual space for participants to move around. It could work for Student Life events such as the Involvement Fair. Gatherly subscriptions are based on one account payment instead of many multiple account payments required by Zoom. Student Senate voted to participate in a virtual demo of Gatherly this Friday at 9 a.m.

Also, they announced that this week will be the annual Fall Festival. This year the event will be held virtually via Zoom. Some events that will take place is a live concert, DIY video tutorials on pumpkin painting, online caricatures and more.



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