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By Leo Fotovich ( Fotovich is a video producer for The Campus Ledger. This is his first semester at the college. His favorite part about covering a story is the editing and finalization. He spends most time watching movies and playing video games with friends.


Registration for spring semester is coming up and can be pretty confusing to deal with, especially if you’re still trying to decide on a major. Luckily, JCCC has counselors that are widely available to help students with their problems.  

(Alicia Bredehoeft) “So, we deal with the whole person so our responsibilities on campus are academic advising, career counseling, and crisis response more than anything, we don’t do therapy per say, but if a student’s struggling or having difficulty in class or there’s been an incident, we’re going to be the ones that reach out to the student and ask how they’re doing what they need help with how can we get them connected with community referrals.” 

Similar to most JCCC offices, the counseling department has had to adapt to the new landscape brought on by COVID-19 

(Alex Wells) “It made us adapt, we needed to adapt for a while about some distance advising distance counseling things such as that, and we we’re always very, you know had this very strong physical presence but our virtual presence was lacking. So I think it’s going to be really beneficial in the long run so whenever we get through this pandemic and we get to that proverbial new normal a lot of these things aren’t going away. We created this, this created a whole new level of outreach and services for students accessibility for students, it’s for the better its going to be rough for a little bit as we work out the kinks and the bugs and getting the word out but in the long run we’re going to be able to serve a lot more students in a lot more efficient means because of this.” 

Despite that, they are still ready and willing to help students with any problems they might have. 

(Wells) “The best thing to do is call 913-469-3809 and make an appointment with a counselor. We’ll take your call you say I need to meet with a counselor we’ll take care of everything else, no matter what the reason is. So, if its career, academic, personal– you call that line we’ll get you set up.”


Currently, the JCCC counseling department offers virtual walk ins, a phone line, instant messaging, emails and even limited visits to the actual office. If you ever need help in picking classes or most problems a student might have, give them a call they really do know what they’re doing. Reporting for the campus ledger I’m Leo Fotovich 



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