Stay safe during this bitter winter weekend

By Gracyn Shulista ( Shulista is the editor-In-chief for The Campus Ledger. This is her fourth semester at the college. She enjoys covering different students and clubs on campus. She spends most of her time taking care of her dogs and reading about politics.

"Used Woman," Amy Enochs, 2012, sits in the Garden near COM covered in snow. Photo by Sidney Henkensiefken.

We are experiencing the coldest days of this winter so far and this weekend we are in for even colder weather. With temperatures in the single digits and the wind chill putting us in the negatives, it’s important to be prepared and take precautions to make sure you are not suffering from this cold front. 

Starting off simple at home, open up cabinets and let the faucets drip if your pipes have a tendency to freeze up. Not only will this prevent a crack in the pipes which can create problems, but also will make sure you have access to water. It is also important to keep the heat on and set to at least 65 degrees 

If you are a pet owner, it is important that you do not leave them outside for long periods of time. Breed, size and age factors into how long a dog can stay outside safely in the cold, but a general rule of thumb in this weather is no more than five to 10 minutes. If you see a dog or other pet outside unattended for a long period of time, contact your local sheriff’s department or animal control.  

If you are planning on venturing outside your home this weekend, there are some important things to do and keep in mind. First, make sure you have a coat and blanket in your car in case you break down or get stuck in the cold. It is also smart to have water and food that will not freeze in your car. Flashlights and jumper cables are not a bad thing to have along with other necessities 

Above all else, make sure you are staying warm and staying safe. Enjoy the rest of your week and the weekend. Happy winter from the Campus Ledger.  



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