Day in the life: Anna Sarol

By Sidney Henkensiefken ( Henkensiefken is a staff photographer for the Campus Ledger. This is her fourth semester at the Ledger, and she joined to continue her passion for photography. Henkensiefken loves talking about politics, hanging out with her friends and being with her family.

Anna Sarol is a regular 19-year-old who attends JCCC. However, what sets her apart is her ability to push through the most difficult of circumstances. Five years ago, Sarol was in a gymnastics accident that changed her life forever. Sarol is a paraplegic, meaning she has no muscle function in the lower half of her body, including both of her legs. Despite these circumstances Sarol has been resilient. Being disabled changes your world, to understand this Sarol explored the JCCC campus to help us understand what it is like to be paralyzed as a college student.
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