Encompass Hospice – Volunteer Opportunity

Attention all premed and nursing students!

Volunteering at a hospice facility can help you gain clinical experience, boost your resume, and make someone’s day!

At Encompass Hospice, volunteers set their own level of commitment based on their schedule and flexibility. Opportunities for involvement range from administrative tasks to direct patient and caregiver contact. For students looking to enter a health-related field, this is a great opportunity for you to gain some early exposure to the field of medicine!

Some ways to get involved are:

  • Playing games, reading, and listening to music with patients (plus music therapy)
  • Walking, playing, or caring for family pets
  • Offering companionship and socialization to the patient and family
  • and much more!!

To learn more about joining the Encompass Team and the different opportunities available, contact Roland Bray now!

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