Johnson County Community College

2017-2018: Just Mercy

Common Read 2017-2018

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson


Inspired to work on social justice issues? These organizations accept volunteers:

  • The Midwest Innocence Project The Midwest Innocence Project is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to the investigation, litigation, and exoneration of wrongfully convicted men and women in a five-state region.
  • Reaching Out from Within  Reaching Out From Within, Inc. supports prison rehabilitation programs for inmates who want to make lasting changes in their behavior while in a penitentiary, as well as becoming contributing members of society when they return to society.
  • Ad Hoc Group Against Crime The AdHoc Group Against Crime serves as a trusted bridge between the community and law enforcement to reduce violence and solve crimes in order to make our neighborhoods safe and secure.
  • Connections to Success Connections to Success works to break the cycle of poverty through hope, resources and a plan.
  • Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty The Kansas Coalition Against the Death Penalty is a not-for-profit corporation organized for the purpose of promoting public education about capital punishment and disseminating information about the death penalty and the effects of executions.
  • Dialogue Institute Kansas City Branch of Dialogue Institute aims to promote mutual understanding, respect and cooperation among people of diverse faiths and cultures
  • American Public Square American Public Square is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to changing the tone and quality of public discourse by bringing non like-minded people together to create a forum for fact-based, civil conversation about national, regional and local issues.