D2L – Canvas – Known Issues


Do not assume that everything has migrated completely or correctly. Instructors are responsible for ensuring the integrity of their migrated course content.

Please use the list below a guideline for checking your migrated course content in Canvas before June  2018.Does not transfer from D2L to Canvas

The items listed below can not be moved into Canvas, but can be accomplished using Canvas tools with similar functionality.

Does Not Transfer: Canvas Alternatives:
Attendance Use the Attendance/Roll Call tool in Canvas.
Checklist Does not transfer.  Canvas has a “To Do list” that is populated from assignments in your course.  You may also want to use Module Requirements
Content Descriptions Does not transfer. Create Text Headers or create a Module Page with Introductory content.
External Tools Does not transfer. LTI tools available in D2L are available in Canvas.
Glossary No equivalent tool. Use Pages tool to create your own glossary.
Groups/Sections Student-related data does not transfer over.  Custom release conditions will be affected. Use course tool to create groups.
Homepages Homepage layout and custom content available on D2L course homepages do not transfer.  You can create a custom home page in Canvas using the Pages tool.
Topic/Page Descriptions Topic/page descriptions from D2L do not copy to Canvas. If you have important information in topic descriptions in D2L, you will need to manually copy/paste that content into a Canvas page.
SCORM files (like SoftChalk, Captivate, Articulate) All SCORM files will need to reloaded from their original source files


Quicklinks Contact the Ed Tech Center if you have links you would like moved from D2L to Canvas.
Release Conditions Dates/Prerequisites do not transfer. Module Requirements and Prerequisites are available in Canvas.
Rubrics Does not transfer.  The Rubrics tool in Canvas displays within SpeedGrader for ease of use.
Seating Chart Does not transfer. See Attendance/Roll Call tool.
Widgets Widgets won’t move from D2L to Canvas, but you can use the Pages tool in Canvas to create custom content.
** Content Import Errors In Canvas, go to Settings – Import Content and click on the “Issues” link to see a list of items that did not import from D2L correctly. You can also use the Validate Links button to check for broken links.
Intelligent Agents No equivalent tool.
Replacement Strings No equivalent tool.
FAQ No equivalent tool.
Quiz Issues
  • Matching questions in quizzes do not transfer correctly.  If your quizzes use matching questions, you will need to manually correct them by referencing the question in D2L.
  • Randomized question banks in D2L generally do not copy correctly into Canvas. If your quizzes use randomized question banks, please contact the Educational Technology Center.
  • Images embedded in quiz questions sometimes fail to import.
  • Quiz introductions and/or descriptions sometimes fail to import.
  • Question feedback sometimes fails to import.
  • Quiz section text does not import.

Other Known Issues

  • Check “Modules” in Canvas against “Content” in D2L. Check each module to make sure all pages and files are present.  Be sure to click on each page to make sure there are no empty pages.