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  1. How do I display the Final Calculated Grade to Students?
  2. How Do I Print in D2L?
  3. How do I Print Grades?
  4. I copied a component, but the files didn’t come with it
  5. How do I copy Files with Content?
  6. What is the Update widget on my class homepage?
  7. Weighted category sums do not equal 100%
  8. Turnitin has been renamed Feedback Studio
  9. Accessing Grademark in a Dropbox
  10. Deleting/Resetting Quiz Submissions
  11. How do I set Quiz Submission Views?
  12. Why do my SoftChalk modules not work in D2L?
  13. Why do my Question Pools Migrated to D2L not work?
  14. How do I add a Random Section?
  15. How do I restrict IP to the JCCC Testing Center?
  16. Special Access – Dropbox
  17. How do I add a User?
  18. Can a Rubric Attached to a Quiz or Discussion Topic Deliver Grades Directly to a Grade Item?
  19. Why aren’t Microsoft Word links clickable when I upload them?
  20. My inbox won’t work or is missing buttons
  21. How do I share Attendance with students?
  22. How do I make my own Attendance Scheme?
  23. How do I create a Master Quiz with all my favorite settings?
  24. How do I customize my Homepage?
  25. How do I check a document with Turnitin?
  26. How do I postpone quiz review until after all students have taken the quiz?
  27. How do I use email?
  28. How do I copy a course?
  29. How do I download all Dropbox submissions?
  30. How do I enable the Respondus Lockdown Browser?
  31. How do I download all submitted papers from Turnitin?
  32. How do I set up a Turnitin individual account?
  33. How do I add a Zoom web conference link?
  34. How do I make custom widgets?