DJ Bios

Adriana Williamson

Adriana is ECAV Radio’s Station Manager and host of alternative music show “Under the Radar.” She’s lived all over the place, starting in Mexico, moving through Illinois, and finally landing in Kansas City! She enjoys being at ECAV Radio because it provides her with the opportunity to share the music she loves with those around her. In her *very limited* spare time, she likes going to concerts, making music with her friends, and chilling with her family. Networking with other artists and sharing local talent is something she’s passionate about, which is why she’s here. If this is something you like too, be sure to listen to her show with her awesome co-host and promotions manager Austin Alan, which airs every Wednesday and Friday from 5-6 right here on



Josh Armstrong

Josh Armstrong, student, associate manager and DJ, working for ECAV Radio and the Student News Center at Johnson County Community College. Armstrong, who prides himself on his creative ability that always keeps his audience on their toes.

Armstrong received his opportunity to release and express his creative abilities when ECAV Radio alumni Rebecca Crockett hired him as a DJ in the Summer of 2015. Shortly after, his program, Show Me Radio was born.

“The main goal behind Show Me Radio is to allow listeners to listen to relax their mind and set their conscious free with a sound that they have likely never heard before. My main inspiration and passion for music came from Joe Kay who’s the current host and co-founder of Soulection.”

Armstrong describes his taste in music as unique. Mixing both soul and electronic music together that creates a divine-like sound that tickles the inside of your eardrums.

“The music I listen to immediately puts you into a place of bliss. It allows your mind to access  the state of relaxation and tends to let you forget about all of your worries.”

Tune into Show Me Radio Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6 PM only on



Austin Brown

His name? Austin Alan Brown. His game? Making the world of promotions go ’round for ECAV radio. Austin is the promotions manager at ECAV radio. Additionally he also hosts the alt indie synth pop extravaganza: Initial Impressions Tuesdays and Thursdays at 11:00, and co-hosts Under The Radar with Adriana Williamson on Wednesdays and Fridays at 5:00. When Austin isn’t working at ECAV radio he’s most likely sipping a cup of joe at a local coffee shop somewhere in the KC Metro area. Or he’s sleeping. Probably sleeping. If you see this dude around in the halls of Johnson County Community College feel free to give him a highfive!



Brady Foster

Well we wanted Brady to write his own bio for our website, but being asked to describe himself just seemed to leave him speechless. All of this to say the following is how the ECAV staff feels about him.

“He is bright-eyed”- Nick Mead
“One of the top 5 Bradys I know!”- Joe
We also asked for their first impression of Brady. Adriana responded with super hipster.
A few people were asked to describe him in 5 words or less.
Len used bubbly, laughing, maniac, and DJ. While Sam said -“Chill as f***.”
Austin thought to get really creative, this is how he described Brady:

When Brady was asked to look over what was said about him, he approved it all.



Joe DeVader

Joe DeVader grew up on the outer rim world of Tattooine (sometimes referred to as “Kansas”) where he lived as a slave (also known as “public school student”) for much of his life until he was finally freed by Jedi Master Graduation so he could train in the [your major here] way.

Though the Jedi Council (“society”) wanted him to close himself off and conform to their ways, Joe would end up breaking from their strict teachings when he started a podcast online with a friend (I guess Count Dooku? I dunno I’ve sort of lost track of this joke) covering various topics in media. Although the show never found a wide audience, it was something he was very proud of, leading to him developing an interest in media production, especially in audio shows.

At ECAV, he hosts The Game Corner, a show that serves as a natural evolution of the styles and skills he developed working on podcasts. Though the format has changed a bit, he continues to deliver programming that he is passionate and proud of while learning more about professional audio and radio production.

Also he made a show about Sailor Moon for a few years, and you should never let him forget it.



Elena Spaulding

Len’s going to talk about what she talks about best (well, at least the fifth thing she’s good at talking about): HERSELF. Len’s been a student on JCCC campus for about two years now, she’s getting ready to graduate actually. Video games are her life. And when they’re not, dogs are her life. Len randomly bursts into song as a welcomed side effect of being a theatre and a choir kid. Most importantly, Len hosts the pop culture news show “Lenical Difficulties” on ECAV. Really it’s just a selfish excuse to get paid to talk about her obsession with video games. She means, Boss if she’s reading this, Len loves her job and this was a good idea because everyone loves a talk show AND a news talk show at that. (Nailed it.) Anyway, hope you guys give “Lenical Difficulties” a listen and be sure to check out any of Len’s fellow DJs’ shows because they’re pretty good too she guesses.



Kha’Len McCoy-Hollinger

A hint of Iconic
1 dash of Elite-ness
2 sprinkles of Legend
Headphones and a mic
Computer and Software
Deadlines and Hershey’s Cookies n Crème

All this equals Disc Jockey Kha’len McCoy Hollinger aka K. Trax the Agenda. He has marvelous Experience in Media Journalism and when he successfully graduates from JCCC he would be honored to go to ESPN.
Check out his Bionic Show: Lax. No Airport by stay fly
His Co-Host Show The Blitz with Kyle Seitz



Kyle Seitz

Hey everyone my name is Kyle Seitz, I was born and raised right here in Overland Park KS. I went to Blue Valley West high school and for as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with sports. I’ve played just about any of the basic American sports and I will watch literally any sport including some cricket and curling even! I have an abundance of sports knowledge floating around in my brain so I am thankful for a radio show to get some of it out! I am a huge Chiefs and Royals fan, as well as a supporter of the KU Jayhawks and Wichita St Shockers and I am an avid fantasy sports player. My favorite sports are basketball and football but as I mentioned earlier, just about any sport out there will garner my interest. I look forward to this opportunity to be a part of an awesome team at ECAV Radio and hope I can bring a new dynamic to the station with sports talk.



Sam Baldwin

Born and raised in Kansas, Sam Baldwin went from playing guitar in his basement to playing up on stage in front of thousands. Performing with multiple of his bands, he has opened for Icon For Hire, The Ready Set, and headlined Springfest. Pursuing his career in music, Sam has moved to producing music and heading his own show at ECAV Radio called “State of the Scene with Sam”, bringing all his knowledge of local music and how a local artist can succeed and start off living they wish to live.



Georgia Martinez

Georgia Martinez is the host of Some Things Considered, ECAV Radio’s daily news program. She is a 24-year-old student majoring in Liberal Arts. She hopes one day to obtain a Master’s in Linguistic Anthropology, work as a community organizer, and learn how to play bass –not in that particular order, but ideally in one single day. Hit her up sometime in the hallways and she’ll tell you all about how alternative comedy podcasts (like Hollywood Handbook, Comedy Bang! Bang!, and SuperEgo, in that particular order and over the course of many days) are saving her dumb soul.



Corbin Bailey

My name is Corbin! I am a right-brained lover of music. My favorite days are ones where I can wake up early and relax with a book, video game, or my accordion. You can feel free to talk to me about any sort of music, and I always welcome new things to listen to (I dig local artists)!




Kelyn Crandall

Kelyn Crandall is an EDM DJ and producer from Kansas City.  His favorite genres are Drum and Bass, Dubstep, and Psy Trance.  He has produced and published over 41 tracks under the stage name Punching Fish and as half of the duo Hedkiq, and has performed several live shows around the metro area.





Cullen Minster

Cullen Minster? Who’s that? Well I’m glad you asked! Cullen Minster is the host of ECAV Radio’s indie-pop music show “Good Vibes”! Born in Missouri andKansas native for 5 years, Cullen is an all-around music lover, who can play a variety of instruments (Guitar, bass, ukulele, piano), and is currently enrolled at JCCC to achieve his goal of becoming a professional music producer someday. His passion for radio comes from his love of sharing music with others, and you can find out what music he loves every Friday afternoon at 1 on Good Vibes! Don’t forget to tune in!

Trevor Agonis

Born and brought up in the good old state of Kansas, Trevor is a part time customer service rep as well as an online streamer, who works to find fun and creative solutions to problems. He spent a lovely year in Kure Beach, North Carolina working at an arcade and enjoying beach life before coming back home because nothing beats Kansas hospitality. Trevor is highly skilled in customer relations and making connections. He has experience in retail, fast food, customer service, warehouse work, as well as entertainment. Trevor is also a trained in JAVA programming and graduated in 2016 from Blue Valley Southwest High School. He is highly fixated on his music and strives to create new works whenever he can. He loves the Royals and pretty much anything KC, and hosts the talk show “The Brotherhood” on ECAV Radio.

LISTEN LIVE TEXT LINE: (913) 416-9722