DJ List:

Ian Lively

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What can he say, happiness is in his name. As the host in his self named show, “Livin’ Lively”, Ian Lively seeks to give great music and sound to every listener, even if it is just his mom. Tune in to Livin’ Lively M-F from 11:00am-12:00pm to take a gander at an amazing assortment of Rock, Metal, and RDM.

When little Ian was growing up, three things captured his eyes the most: Sports, Video Games, and Music. Music, however, was the most, “earcatching” to him. It was around him constantly, from the car, to the boombox in his older brother’s room, to even the Sport/Video game he is either playing or watching. It later adapted with the different genres he was raised into growing up. Now in his adult self, though all three of those activities make up at least 95% of his life, he sought to make the next leap to greatness in his musical life, a radio DJ. Thus, here we are.

Nathan Reese

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Recipe for a Flat-Out Steed:


  • 2 cups of Awesomeness
  • a Tablespoon of Creativity
  • a pinch of Mischief
  • Half Gallon of Chocolate Milk (shaken, not stirred)
  • An irresistible amount of SEXY
  • And a whole lotta gnarly Music


  • Mix ingredients in large mixing bowl
  • After some healthy whippage, let dough sit while TobyMac plays on repeat in the background
  • After TobyMac’s “Made To Love” has played at least 27 times, mold product into desired shape.
  • Give it a little love and 425 degrees for 12-18 minutes.
  • Let chill Monday through Friday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm and tune in to The Church Yard here on

The Church Yard airs a new show every Tuesday and Thursday, however if miss it on those days, then don’t fret! Because it re-airs on all the other weekdays! The Church Yard is a Christian music-based show with a steady balance of gnarly music, unusual news stories, shenanigans, and the golden voice of none other than the flat-out steed himself—Nathan Reese!
Nathan Reese, also known as DJ Naterator, also known as the Flat-Out Steed; joined the ECAV Team late in the Spring semester of 2016 and has been ECAV’s best DJ ever since! Unfortunately, this will be his last semester at ECAV and at JCCC, as he will be earning his AA degree at the end of this Spring. If you just can’t get enough of Nathan’s golden voice, charming personality, or hilarious jokes, then you’re in luck—he just so happens to be the cohost of the Nathan & Becks Show (who would’ve guessed?) from 2:00pm to 3:00pm! If you’d like to get in touch with Nathan—whether it be to encourage him by letting him know how awesome he is, complain about how awesome he is, or to suggest some sick beats for him to play over the airwaves—you can get in contact with him on his twitter @TheNathanReese or leave him a message on the ECAV Text Line (660) 202-1937.

Adriana Williamson

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So I hear you’re stuck in college… a world where you’re not really a kid anymore, but not an adult either, and you have a love/hate relationship with the prospect of being either.

OH, and you never grew out of the whole pop-punk phase.

Adriana’s here to help. She can’t fix your adulting issues, but she can help you remember your best and most emotional moments by playing all your favorite alternative songs from the 90s until now.  Listen to eCAV radio weekdays from 1-2 to catch “Under the Radar.”

Adriana Marie has lived all over the place, starting in Mexico, moving through Illinois, and finally landing in Kansas City! One thing that has remained constant through all the changes is her love for music. She plays a number of instruments, including guitar (her first love), piano, and drums, and is earning her Recording Arts certification so that she can work professionally in music studios or concert venues.  In her spare time, she enjoys writing songs, playing with her band 87 Pioneers, going to concerts, and chilling with family and friends.

Adriana hosts “Under the Radar” and also serves as Promotions Manager for ECAV Radio, so if you have a question or suggestion concerning a promotion, don’t hesitate to contact her.

To find out more about Adriana’s adventures, you can follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

DJ Becks

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If you tune in LIVE to “The Nathan and Becks Show” you can expect to be stronger, faster, smarter, and even better looking than you are now! (Hey, anything is possible!) You will also hear the inside story on what’s going on around campus, in your community, and around the world. A full hour of talk with a heaping portion of laughter.
Becks is on the verge of her breakthrough role staring in a film alongside Chris Hemsworth, but until that happens she is pursuing a career in Broadcast Journalism at Johnson County Community College. She is currently the Station Manager at ECAV Radio and is in her second year of hosting her own show with the station. Becks hopes to one day be serenaded by Adam Levine and become a foreign correspondent.
When Becks gets out of the studio, you can find her driving her long awaited Jeep Wrangler and trying to find a way to stay warm. She is a published author, avid moviegoer, thrift shopping maniac, and go-cart champion of the world!! She loves traveling, her family, telling stories, bulldogs, and laughing…lots of laughing.

Joshua D. Armstrong

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Josh Armstrong, born October 3, 1996, in Kansas City, MO, is an on-air talent for ECAV Radio. Armstrong is the host of Show Me Radio on airing from 3-4 PM.

He is currently working in his second semester at the radio station. He thrives on digging for and finding laid-back, easy listening, soulful music. Armstrong gained his admiration for this genre of music after listening to Esta Beats. Armstrong was then introduced to a radio show that titled Soulection. Joe Kay, the host, and creator of Soulection is Armstrong’s inspiration for his show.

Armstrong served as co-host to Jonah Snider’s The Benchwarmer in Fall of 2016. He gave his two-cents on all things sports. Armstrong’s goal is to one day host a sports show on ECAV Radio.


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Recipe for Disaster:


  • 1 dose of Straight Up Steed
  • 2 cups of Awesomeness
  • a Tablespoon of Creativity
  • 2 teaspoons of controversial politics
  • a pinch of Mischief
  • half Gallon of Sweet Tea
  • And an irresistible amount of SEXY


  • Mix ingredients in large mixing bowl
  • After some healthy whippage carry bowl around and offend people
  • After dough receives a healthy amount of offensive remarks mold product into desired shape.
  • Give it a little love and 425 degrees for 12-18 minutes.
  • Let chill Tuesday’s and Thursday’s from 4:00 to 5:00 pm and Tune in to DJ6ftSam’s SHUT UP and LISTEN live here on

Show Description:

Shut Up and Listen airs live every Tuesday and Thursday from 4:00-5:00 p.m. here on ECAV Radio. Tune in to listen to the live show straight out of the ECAV Studios where DJ6ftSam and Metal Man Jaye Powers will stir the pot with some controversial current events and even break down some of the more annoying parts of this year’s political hubbub. If you’re tired of repeatedly hearing one side of the story be sure to tune in because DJ6ftSam cannot help but to point out the other side of what’s going on and offend some people. If you want to come on into the studio any Monday this semester and talk some politics and maybe even be a little offensive then be sure to let him know on Twitter @DJ6ftSam, on Facebook at, on SnapChat @samstueve, or via email at

Career Goals:

With a real addiction to politics and anything broadcasting DJ6ftSam is just 1 or 2 steps away from being the next Bill O’Rielly. Sadly the world has yet to learn of his broadcasting awesome and no one has yet to offer him such a position so for now he just hangs out and offends the common public through ECAV Radio. DJ6ftSam spends his free time doing all that cliche outdoorsy shenanigans, a full time worker, a full time student, and  is also the Treasurer of JCCC’s branch of College Republicans. With the high goals of one day attaining his very own political talk show he is working his controversial tail off to get a degree in both Business and Broadcasting Communication.

Jesse Black

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Jesse’s show, “Off the Label” takes a more informative approach to music. He’ll do more than just play a few songs; each episode is topic based whether it be genre, record label, decade, etc.  With music spanning across all genres of music and good conversation, there’s a little something for everybody on Off the Label.

Outside ECAV, Jesse is the Vice President of the Black Student Union at JCCC, and is working towards his Associates Degree and plans on transferring to a four-year school to continue his education earning a degree in journalism. After, he plans to seek a Masters in social work to give back to the communities who need it.

Off the Label airs weekdays at 5 PM with new episodes airing every Tuesday and Thursday.

Twitter: @JesseKBlack

Jaye Powers

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Affectionately known as “the old man” of ECAV, Jaye Powers has been a hard rock/heavy metal fan since a long forgotten and ancient time known  as “The 80’s”. When other kids were raised watching Saved By the Bell and Beverly Hills, 90210, a young Jaye could be found watching Headbangers Ball and listening to Black Sabbath. Over the years, he became a soldier, a father, and Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2003 and 2006 (legitimately) but his love for the dark and brooding tones never waned.
When he is not exercising his encyclopedic knowledge of the music world, being sarcastic in public, wrecking his Jeep, providing security for the Kansas City Chiefs, or studying for his arch nemesis the unholy Math Test,  he spends his time at home trying to gear up his Horde Paladin Ghettobeatin, watching his beloved Carolina Panthers and Pittsburgh Penguins, drinking coffee, and battling for bed space with his wife Ashley, his cats Woodrow and The Darkness, and his dog Potato.

Kyle Seitz

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The abundance of sports knowledge this man contains is remarkable. He is a sports nerd to the bone. If you have even the slightest bit of interest in sports, then tune in to hear Kyle Seitz talk sports ranging from local colleges to national headlines.

Kyle was born and raised here in Kansas City and has been a lifelong Royals and Chiefs fan. In his 24 years on this planet he has seen it all from Kansas Jayhawks winning a national title in 2008 to the Chiefs squandering a 38-10 lead in the playoffs.

Now Kyle doesn’t just stick to the Chiefs, Royals and Jayhawks. He has been watching a wide range of sports his whole life, so he will cover it all on his one hour ECAV Sports Special with Kyle.

Joe DeVader

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At age seven Joe watched his uncle play through the Donkey Kong Country games, and from that point his fate was sealed. Later on that Christmas he got a Nintendo 64, began to design games in his spiral notebooks instead of studying (probably not the best plan), and basically just resigned himself to the life he was now stuck with. As the years went by Joe also found his secondary passion: talking into a microphone. In 2007 he discovered a small Smash Bros. podcast called Show Me Your News! and as the years went by he not only snuck his way onto the show, he also started his own show called Read the Manual. When both shows ended in 2015, he needed another creative outlet. What could possibly be a better place for that than ECAV?


Joe’s show “The Game Corner” focuses on the music of video games. He believes that nearly every genre that exists has shown up in a video game at some point, and the possibilities for the music he can use on a show like this are actually endless. When he’s not rambling on radio, he’s either in class or at work but if he’s not doing any of those three he is streaming on Twitch. Usually Nancy Drew games. He has a problem. It’s very sad.


If you want to suggest game soundtracks for Joe or maybe just yell at him for being wrong about everything, you can email him at, or follow him and his habit of tweeting way too much @thedobaga.

Bradon Foster

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(To the tune of “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”)


South Kansas City, born and raised

Jamming out to new tunes is how he spent most of his days

Learning guitar and that’s pretty cool

Went to a private Christian high school

When he heard a band he thought sounded pretty good

He blast out their songs throughout his neighborhood

He went to bed one night woke up a little scared

Because he had a dream that he moved to Bel-Air


What was that? Kinda interesting? You know who else is kinda interesting?

DJ Badbones from “Rad Tones with Badbones.”

(Even though he has really never been to Bel-Air.)


Brady aka “Badbones” hosts a show that does not like to get pinned down by genre.

You can hear groovy rock tunes from the late 60’s, punk transition from the 70’s and 80’s, heartwarming acoustic songs, mid 2000s post punk pop rock. You might even be lucky enough to hear new things ranging from electronic pop rock to something he will just call… experimental.