Laser Cutter


Our Full Spectrum 40w Laser Cutter and Etcher will cut and engrave a variety of materials for your project. You can import files (PDF, CDR, SVG, JPG, TIFF, GIF, DMG, AI, PSD, EPS) or create them in Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw and bring them with you.

Maximum Material Size = 20″ x “12” x 0.75″

Maximum Cutting Depth = 0.25″

Allowable materials list:

  • wood, wood composites
  • paper, cardboard, matboard, etc.
  • leather, suede
  • acrylic, plexiglass
  • fabric, cloth, fleece
  •  rubber
  • glass (etching only)
  • tile, stone (etching only)
  • anodized/painted/coated metals (etching only)

Laser cutter manual

Retina Engrave 3D

JCCC Faculty and Students can reserve equipment HERE. For questions about 3D printing, feel free to contact the Ed Tech Center at 913-469-8500 ext. 3842.