Minutes – August 27, 2019

Johnson County Community College
Faculty Senate Minutes
August 27, 2019
RC 181

Senators Present:

Madison Huber-Smith, Sheryl Hadley, Shahla Nikravan, Bob Carney, Suzanne Smith, Susie Gibbar, Nanette Lanier, Frankie Wainwright, Geraldine Dotson, Todd Watson, Scott Gilmore, Jason Lamping,  Jessica Tipton, Shirley Wing (alt), Beth Edmonds, Justin Dunham, Patrick Lafferty, Jeff Oden, Theresa McChesney (Educational Affairs liason)

Senators Absent:

Scott Craig, Kristen Harth (sabbatical), Bill McFarlane, Tatiana Scanlan, Christina Wolff, Melanie Harvey (Faculty Association liason)

Guests Present:
Brett Cooper, Debbie Kitchin, Andrea Vieux, Farrell Hoy Jenab, Barry Bailey, Jim Leiker

  1. Call to Order

Beth Edmonds called the meeting to order at 3:05 PM.

  1. Open Forum

No comments were made.

  1. Vote on Minutes from the May Meeting

Beth moved to approve the May 2019 minutes. Patrick seconded. No discussion. Motion carries.

  1. Senate President’s Remarks

Beth read a prepared statement on shared governance at JCCC. She then asked to interchange items 6 and 7 on the agenda. No objections were raised.

  1. Invited Speakers

Debbie Kitchin and Andrea Vieux spoke about engaging faculty to encourage students to vote, including numerous internet links and email contacts for more information, and both answered questions regarding the voting process. A link was provided for their presentation.

Farrell Hoy Jenab spoke on Faculty Professional Development, stressing that her role is to take faculty ideas and implement them in ways to benefit the faculty. Writing across the disciplines is one possible outcome of this process. The Adjunct Handbook is almost finished.

Justin Dunham read a list of bullet points provided by Tai Edwards from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) task force. This included the web address of the task force’s JCCC blog site: http://blogs.jccc.edu/deitaskforce/

  1. Faculty Senate Liaisons

Beth Edmonds asked the members for input on which campus committees would benefit from a Faculty Senate liaison.

  • Suzanne Smith learned that she is a member of the KOPS advisory committee.
  • It was recommended by Theresa McChesney, attending as the Educational Affairs liaison to the Faculty Senate, that a Faculty Senate liaison be sent to the Management committee.
  • Bob Carney suggested that the Faculty Senate Executive Committee should take on the task of prioritizing which committees would be best suited to have a Faculty Senate liaison.
  1. Standing Committees/Liaisons

Beth Edmonds asked for volunteers for each of the Faculty Senate standing committees, as well as a short-term spokesperson for each committee until the committees choose a chair. The following members volunteered for these standing committees as follows:

  • Elections Committee
    • Todd Watson – short-term spokesperson
    • Geraldine Dotson
    • Suzanne Smith
    • Jason Lamping
  • Faculty Communication Committee
    • Patrick Lafferty – short-term spokesperson
    • Jessica Tipton
    • Jeff Oden
  • Constitution and By-laws Committee
    • Justin Dunham – short-term spokesperson
    • Frankie Wainwright
    • Patrick Lafferty
    • Jessica Tipton
    • Nanette LaNier
  • Adjunct Affairs Committee
    • Jeff Oden – short-term spokesperson
    • Scott Gilmore
    • Madison Huber-Smith
    • Sheryl Hadley
    • Bob Carney
    • Frankie Wainwright
    • Shahla Nikravan
  1. Call for New Business

Bob Carney asked to have Jessica Garcia and Andrea Vieux present a 20-minute working seminar at a future Faculty Senate meeting based on a week-long summer seminar he attended in Florida.

Scott Gilmore asked Beth to elaborate on her involvement with the faculty Shared Governance task force. Beth did as requested.

Patrick proposed the following amendment to the Constitution; “Electronic voting is allowed.” Frankie seconded. Because it is an amendment to our bylaws, a 30-day waiting period is required before a vote can occur.

There being no further new business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:28 PM.