Minutes – November 19, 2019

Johnson County Community College
Faculty Senate Minutes
November 19, 2019
RC 181

In attendance:
Madison Huber-Smith, Bill McFarlane, Shahla Nikravan, Bob Carney, Suzanne Smith, Jason Lamping, Frankie Wainwright, Geraldine Dotson, Beth Edmonds, Justin Dunham, Susie Gibbar, Jeff Oden, Jessica Tipton, Patrick Lafferty

Kristen Harth (sabbatical), Sheryl Hadley, Scott Craig, Scott Gilmore, Nanette LaNier, Todd Watson

Theresa MeChesney, Farrell Hoy Jenab, Kena Zumalt, Myra Young, Andrea Vieux, James Hopper, RubyRenee Wood

1. Call to Order
Beth Edmonds called the meeting to order at 3:04 PM.

2. Open Forum
No comments were made.

3. Vote on October minutes
No quorum was present, so no voting could occur, nor were any motions made during this meeting.

4. Senate President’s Remarks
The remarks were focused on latest iteration of Academic Branch Task Force model.

5. Invited Speakers

6. PJI Training Institute
Bob Carney, Kena Zumalt, Myra Young, Andrea Vieux, and Ruby Renee Wood presented the concept of a JCCC Peace and Justice Initiative Training Institute to the Senate, requesting that the Senate provide whatever support is appropriate to allow move this institute forward on campus.

7. Testing Center discussion
A discussion was held regarding recent issues at the Testing Center.

8. Standing Committees Reports

• Elections Committee –Geraldine – received procedures by which senators are elected from departments across campus; the committee suggests possible 4-year terms for some current senators to avoid excessive turnover in the future.

• Adjunct Affairs Committee – Jeff Oden reported that the adjunct handbook is complete; pay for adjuncts who serve in the Senate and other campus committees has been discussed.

• Faculty Communication Committee – Patrick reported that there is little progress toward a website and that there are many roadblocks to achieving communication with all adjunct faculty.

• Constitution and By-laws Committee – Justin Dunham updated on possible bylaws changes, including term lengths and structure of representation from Group 10 (12-month faculty) in the Senate. There was also discussion as to whether the definition of a quorum should be changed.

9. Faculty Senate Liaisons

• KOPS Advisory Board – Suzanne Smith reported on the emergency door lock switches in some classrooms

• OLAC – no report was given.

• OER Committee – no report was given

• Collegial Steering – it was noted that the possible demise of Faculty Senate through the Shared Governance process could reduce faculty representation on this committee, since the President and Vice President of FS currently sit in on Collegial Steering.

• Management Committee – the Senate has no representative to this committee.

10. Old Business
No old business was brought up due to lack of a quorum.

11. Call for New Business
No new business was brought up due to lack of a quorum. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 4:55 PM.

Next Executive Committee meeting: January 21st, RC 171
Next Full Faculty Senate Meeting: January 28th, Virginia Krebs Room (CC 107)