Minutes – October 22, 2019

Johnson County Community College
Faculty Senate Minutes
October 22, 2019
RC 175

Senators Present:

Present: Madison Huber-Smith, Jim Pettitt (alternate for Bill McFarlane), Sheryl Hadley, Shahla Nikravan, Bob Carney, Suzanne Smith, Nanette LaNier, Todd Watson, Jason Lamping, Frankie Wainwright, Shirley Wing (alternate for Kristen Harth), Geraldine Dotson, Beth Edmonds, Justin Dunham, Jeff Oden, Patrick Dobson (alternate for Scott Craig)
Absent: Bill McFarlane, Kristen Harth (sabbatical), Scott Craig, Susie Gibbar, Scott Gilmore, Jessica Tipton, Patrick Lafferty
Guests: Theresa MeChesney, Katherine Bailes, Shari Barrett, Barry Bailey, Brett Cooper, Farrell Hoy Jenab, Rhonda Barlow, Angela King

1. Call to Order
Beth Edmonds called the meeting to order at 3:01 PM.

2. Open Forum
No comments were made.

3. Invited Speaker
Tai Edwards spoke via Zoom about the DEI initiative on campus. She again asked for continuing support from the Faculty Senate for this initiative and Task Force.

4. Minutes approval
At this point a quorum had been reached. Beth moved to approve the minutes from September 24, Bob seconded, and the motion carried.

5. Invited Speakers

Institutional SGTF report
Sheryl Hadley, Katherine Bailes, and Barry Bailey reported that this task force is continuing to progress, and that Barry Bailey has replaced Vin Clark after Vin’s resignation from the task force.

Academic Branch SGTF report
Justin Dunham reported that divisional representatives should be updating their divisions about the work of this task force, that a survey has been sent out by email, and that a draft model for the structure of Academic Branch Shared Governance has been created. Brett Cooper (guest) stated that the model has already changed, and Angela King (guest) added details about the survey, as she is helping to collect the response data. Beth displayed the HLC’s statement to JCCC and displayed the charges of the two task forces. A discussion followed.

Master Teacher Workshop
Rhonda Barlow announced that the Master Teacher Workshop will be held in January and passed out a flyer to everyone in attendance.

Presidential Search Committee
Theresa McChesney reported on the draft of the position advertisement, the timeline, and future listening sessions.
No representative was present from this group to give an update.

Theresa McChesney updated the Senate that the curriculum transition to the 15 week term has gone smoothly so far, with many course edits already having completed the process. The new proposed Student Learning Outcomes are nearing a full faculty vote.

Barry Bailey provided an update on future textbook affordability plans in the state of Kansas.

Shari Barrett – updated the Senate on “Improving JCCC,” as a local replacement for AQIP (which is no longer used by HLC).

6. Standing Committees Reports

• Adjunct Affairs Committee – Jeff Oden announced that he has met twice with Mickey. Issues he brought up included the changes to the number of pay dates for adjuncts (reducing from 9 to 7), changes in adjunct paid time off in the new 15-week semesters starting Fall 2020 (reduced from 12.5% to 10% of hours taught), the possibility of hiring an adjunct professional development person part-time in Farrell’s office, the possibility of future adjunct mentorships, the process of adjunct evaluations, and the continuing adjunct email list issue.

• Faculty Communication Committee – as the adjunct email list issue tied into this committee’s work (and neither Patrick Lafferty nor Jessica Tipton were present), no report was given.

• Constitution and By-laws Committee – Justin Dunham shared that this group is working on re-wording the section regarding Division 10, as there have been structural changes that have affected the membership of this group. In addition, work is being done to assess whether the Senate seats are properly apportioned.

• Elections Committee – Todd Watson reported on term adjustment issues, since half the senate terms are scheduled to end this year, and the other half next year, as there were no new Senators this year. The topic of how vacant seats are to be filled was also discussed. Bob Carney suggested the possibility of longer terms for current senators and officers; it was suggested that divisional rules for electing senators need to be cleaned up as well.

7. Faculty Senate Liaisons

• KOPS Advisory Board – Suzanne Smith had no news to report, as the KOPS Advisory Board had not met recently.

• OLAC – Sheryl Hadley reported on Canvas changes and the ongoing discussions about online class sizes.

8. Old Business
The motion to add electronic voting to the bylaws that was originally proposed in August by Patrick Lafferty was tabled due to a lack of a quorum at this point in the meeting. Justin Dunham stated that the intent of the bylaws change is to vote electronically only when there isn’t an easy means of meeting in-person to hold a vote, such as the end-of-the-year meeting and the executive committee meetings.

9. New Business
There being no further new business, the meeting was adjourned at 5:05 PM

Next Executive Committee meeting: November 12th, RC 171
Next Full Faculty Senate Meeting: November 19th, RC 181