Resolution Regarding the Johnson County Community College Executive Cabinet’s Decision on the Suspension of College Now Placement Scores

Whereas the Faculty of Johnson County Community College, by mutual agreement and consent of the Administration and the Board of Trustees of the College, is charged with developing all aspects of curriculum of the College, including measuring student readiness via placement test scores, prerequisite determinations, and course sequencing;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet of Johnson County Community College voted to suspend the prerequisite requirements for College Now students enrolling in math, chemistry, and physics courses during the Fall 2017 College Now enrollment period;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet allowed students to enroll in credit-bearing courses without demonstrating mastery of any prerequisite material, and thus created two classes of students in College Now courses: those who placed into a course on their own academic merit as proven by satisfactory test scores or completion of prerequisites, and those who were allowed into a course by Cabinet fiat;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet knowingly subverted and violated the Faculty-led curriculum process to enact these changes;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet knowingly violated KBOR policies, HLC guidelines, NACEP standards, and best practice guidelines put forth by professional faculty organizations regarding academic rigor of dual credit courses, and in doing so has undermined the academic integrity of these courses;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet placed the College in breach of contract with KBOR, HLC, and NACEP in regard to the College’s approved and published course outlines;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet placed community relationships and public perception ahead of Faculty-led processes to ensure fair and accurate measurements and methods are used to gauge student readiness, and thus has undermined the authority and expertise of subject-area Faculty;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet did not consult Faculty regarding a decision which directly affects Faculty-developed and Faculty-managed curriculum designed to ensure student readiness and success;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet’s action on this matter is but one of many decisions affecting Faculty that have bypassed or ignored Faculty consultation;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet will not rescind this reckless and ill-advised decision;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet has set a dangerous precedent in which mutually agreed upon codified policies and processes of the College can be suspended, changed, or amended based solely on public outcry;

Whereas future Faculty and Administrators of the College must know that such behavior is not only unacceptable but also bears grave consequences, including loss of integrity, trust, and respect;

Whereas the Executive Cabinet, especially through its conduct in this matter, has violated the trust of the College Faculty;

Now therefore be it resolved that:

(1) The Faculty Senate does hereby censure the Executive Cabinet and does condemn this wrongful decision in the strongest terms;

(2) The Faculty Senate does hereby recognize the historic gravity of this resolution, and trusts and urges that future Senates will recognize the importance of this statement of censure and condemnation and allow this statement to remain intact until such time the Executive Cabinet, in whole and in part, admit their error and rescind and/or rectify this decision in a manner satisfactory to the Faculty.

(3) The Faculty Senate does hereby affirm and support the Math Faculty and the hundreds of hours and considered process that led to the stated placement prerequisite scores.

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