Adjunct Affairs Minutes – February 8, 2018

Adjunct Affairs meeting with Dr. McCloud on Thursday, February 8, 2018

Attendance (alphabetically):  Sheryl Hadley, Madison Huber-Smith, Traci Putnam, Tatiana Scanlan, Irene Schmidt

Purpose of the meeting:  Review the Adjunct Job Description and discuss updated Adjunct Roles

Context:  Since roughly 2014, efforts to update both the FT and PT Faculty job descriptions have been made.  The PT Faculty job description presented in earlier iterations to Faculty Senate seemed too close to FT Faculty job descriptions.  As of fall 2016, FT Faculty job descriptions and engagement statements were updated.  While the most recent version of the PT Faculty job description has been polished, our discussion focused on the need to retain Adjunct Professor as a title (as opposed to Instructor).

The Adjunct Affairs committee members inquired when and how this job description will be distributed.  We know it will be filed with HR but encouraged Dr. McCloud to disseminate the revised document via e-mail to all deans and faculty.  Adjunct Affairs members received print copies but not a pdf to share electronically.

There was also discussion regarding required Canvas training for adjunct faculty.  Dr. McCloud indicated that some compensation will be forthcoming in fall 2018.  ALICE training is not a yearly requirement therefore replacing ALICE with the Canvas module on the Gradebook would be considered mandatory training.  Adjuncts receive a stipend to complete all mandatory training ($100 in fall 2017).  Adjunct Affairs members encouraged Dr. McCloud to consider LMS training a yearly endeavor to be compensated as an incentive for adjuncts to adopt a mindset of continuous quality improvement in course design and delivery.

Our meeting was very constructive and enlightening.  As some Adjunct Affairs members complete their Faculty Senate terms, all were encouraged to continue to build relationships and keep communication lines open.

Adjunct Affairs members have also been gathering information on other areas of concern.

Lieberman Teaching Excellence Award:  Now that the Adjunct Job Description has been updated, criteria for this award will be updated to reflect key changes.  Notably, adjuncts are expected to focus on teaching and professionalism.  Adjuncts are not required to serve on campus-wide committees and yet this was frequently a key way to show “service” to the institution for this particular award.

Adjunct Affairs has confirmed that the Office of Staff and Organizational Development is now tasked with updating criteria for that award.  Hopefully, the outcome will be less cumbersome for adjuncts and service will be a modified criterion.  Previously, adjuncts had to build and submit a teaching portfolio which was sent to an external judge just to be considered for a monetary prize.  Given other recognition options for JCCC Staff exist with monetary awards in addition to recognition without the nominees spending hours on writing portfolios to justify their worth, Adjunct Affairs hope that the ability to earn a cash award will be vastly simplified.  It would behoove Adjunct Affairs members elected in fall 2018 to follow-up with this process.


HR Hiring Process:  As expressed at the Faculty Senate January, 2018 meeting, and various settings prior, for years senators have been concerned that, (a) there is a lack of transparency or consistency in the announcement of job openings and, (b) adjuncts with both the credentials and teaching experience at JCCC have not been considered for job interviews.

Adjunct Affairs did not have time to get into details about this concern with Dr. McCloud but committee members have reached out to HR.  Once again, we have heard that HR will be taking steps to improve the hiring process to address these concerns.  This is a particular item that will require following up in the months ahead.

Respectfully submitted,

Irene Schmidt

Adjunct Affairs Chair


Adjunct Affairs Minutes – November 9, 2017

Johnson County Community College
Faculty Senate
Adjunct Affairs Subcommittee Minutes
November 9, 2017, CC 305

Call to Order:  4:00 PM

Members Present:  Peggy Barlett, Sheryl Hadley, Traci Putnam, Tatiana Scanlan, and Irene Schmidt.

Updates on subcommittee business:

Irene spoke with Dr McCloud.  He was invited to attend today’s meeting, but did not show.  In discussion with Irene, he assured us that he is working on the adjunct job description and the Lieberman Adjunct Teaching Excellence Award criteria.

Sheryl shared what she learned in her meetings with Human Resources regarding the Master Teacher Workshop and postings on Infolist According to HR, the Master Teacher Workshop’s goal was to reach out to new junior faculty and senior faculty. This is a pilot program with 24 spots reserved for faculty previously involved with the Learning Exchange Network System (LENS).  Adjunct instructors had been involved in the past.  The pilot to bring the Master Teacher Workshop back to JCCC is focused on the LENS program participants this year, but hopefully will include adjunct faculty in the future.

Sheryl met with Lisa Gartland to find out about Infolist postings for full-time job openings on campus.  Lisa has tried to post job openings online, but administrators in HR will not allow her to post these openings, citing legal concerns. There is an upcoming meeting with HR and JCCC legal counsel about these concerns.  We have requested follow-up information

Sheryl also discussed concerns about hiring practices on campus.  There are reports of adjunct instructors teaching classes at JCCC being denied interviews for full-time positions.  According to Lisa Gartland, Silkroad (the current hiring software system) will be discontinued.  Criteria of granting interviews should be examined and will be maintained by HR.  Sheryl suggested creating a standardized rubric for granting candidate interviews, and assuring faculty-led hiring committee requirements.  Traci emphasized that we want to ensure that each division/department in the college provides interview criteria/questions that best fit the needs of the departments.

Irene recapped the recent Collegial Steering Committee discussions, and the newly-elected Board of Trustees members were announced.

The next meeting date will be scheduled following our next Faculty Senate meeting.

The Meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Traci Putnam