At-Large Candidate: Omar Conrad

I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy and I am running for an at-large seat of the Faculty Senate.  I have been a full-time member of the JCCC faculty for over twelve years and before that was a part-time adjunct professor here.  While I was an adjunct I taught Sociology courses as well as Philosophy courses, though now I just teach philosophy courses.  (I have degrees in both fields.)  I am also a former student of JCCC.  I studied here for three semesters before transferring to KU to finish my undergrad.

I have served on the Curriculum Committee multiple times and I am currently serving as a Faculty Senator until May of 2017.  I have sponsored two different philosophy clubs in the past, and along with Dan Owens, currently sponsor the JCCC Board & Card Game Club which I am happy to say meets every Wednesday afternoon and is going strong.

I am deeply committed to this college and its success.  I think the faculty senate is important for that success.  I believe my background as a former student, and as an adjunct, as well as a professor in two quite different fields, will serve me well if elected to the Faculty Senate.

Thank you for your consideration.