Volunteer Application

Volunteer Application




Current or Most Recent Employment

Special Skills and Experience

(Hobbies, foreign language spoken, current professional certifications)

Volunteer Interest

(What type / length of positions interest you most?)


(Contact name and phone — other than family members)

Background Information

A conviction will not necessarily bar participation with JCCC's volunteer program, but will be considered within the context of the entire application.

Agreement and Signature

I understand that references listed on this application may be contacted and that depending on the volunteer position, there may be certain qualifications such as background check, driver’s license and MVR verification that I must meet before I begin volunteering. If selected, I agree to abide by all policies, procedures, rules and training applicable to my volunteer position(s).
This form must be acknowledged by parent / guardian if volunteer is under 18 years of age.

JCCC Staff

Revised 7/2019