Strengths Quest

I’d like an honest and critical look at what we get out of personality tests.  I’ve taken Strengths Quest twice, and had similar (but not identical) results.  As someone with “Ideation, Learner and Strategic” strengths, I may have done a fair bit more research and introspection on my own learning style and motivational framework.  I like the idea that it would help students, but I mistrust anything sold as a “silver bullet” (or panacea).  I remember teachers I respected back in the early 00’s who advocated for the Myers Briggs for ESL students, but it didn’t sound any better than what I already did.  Scott Adams addresses this today in Dilbert.How To Use Personality Profiles - Dilbert by Scott Adams

We encourage Students to take the Strengths Quest.  Have do I address the following questions:

in the interest of full(?)  disclosure