How to Copy a D2L Course


Be absolutely certain that you are in the course that is to receive a copy. Do not do this in the course you want to copy!!

Let’s reiterate, the following steps are to be executed in the destination (blank, empty) course and not in the course that will be the source you copy from. Be aware that if this is done in a course that already contains content, the existing content will be appended (not erased).

Video instructions


  1. Go to your course Content.
  2. Click on “Table of Contents.”
  3. Click on “Import/Export.”
  4. Click “Search for Offering.”
  5. Click the magnifying glass to cause your options to show. (you can enter a course name or number for the search if you wish but if you leave the search box empty you will get ALL options)
  6. Dot the radio button for the course you wish to copy, then click “Add Selected.”
  7. Confirm that the “Course to Copy” is what you want, then click “Copy All Components.”
  8. You will see an animation. Wait a little for the copy to complete (usually less than a minute).
  9. Upon successful processing, a green check mark will appear.
  10. At this point you are done and can view Content to confirm that everything looks right.