Autodesk University 2014!

It was held at Mandalay Bay this year.

1Outside the hotel.

1aInside the hotel.

1b10,000 from all over the world for this week o’ geek.

3aGreat futurism forums.

3A lecture from an architect at HOK.

4A lecture from Fabien Cousteau, grandson of Jacque, on underwater cities. He already has an underwater habitat, and gets wifi in it!

5aThis picture is a point cloud (scan) of an underwater oil structure!

6Some Kickstarter successes shared their stories.

6aWe were treated to a vid of the making of the Hot Wheels commercial, narrated by the stunt driver.

7This was a class about how the entertainment industry is transitioning from clay sculptures to reality capture/3D printing for their maquettes and statues.

11We saw a vid of hand painting techniques -very intricate.

12A Zimbabwean professor discussed arts education there.

12aHe had great poster art, such as these “knowledge is power” graphics.

12bGreat stuffs here!

13BIM stuffs.

14A 3D printed dress.

15A scanner making a reality capture of the pharaoh head.

16Student hack.

17Good food!

21Too much of it.

23A VIP party at TAO sponsored by a Manufacturing group.

25View from the TAO balcony.