Sleuthing Series — Dental Hygiene

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1.  Instructor Beth Reynolds and student look at dental x-rays. October 1975

What We Know

  • The 1970-1971 and the 1971-1972 JCCC college catalogs list Dental Assisting only as one of the probable options under Health Professions, and displayed this note: “Supplemental information about the above programs may be obtained from the Director of Admissions.”
  • When the 1972-1973 catalog was published, two separate programs were described.  The Dental Assistant Program was “in affiliation with Penn Valley Community College, Kansas City, MO,” a program already approved by the American Dental Association.  The Dental Hygiene Program, however, was proprietary to JCCC, not monitored by another institution.
  • The 1978-1979 catalog was the first to announce that the Dental Hygiene Program was also accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of the American Dental Association.
  • The 1983-1984 catalog was the last to include the Dental Assisting program, still listed as a cooperative program with Penn Valley.  The next year, only Dental Hygiene was listed, and stressing that the graduates could be “a member of the health care team” and licensed to provide direct patient care.
  • Some of the early instructors in this area were Beth Reynolds (later Matthews), Diane Perkins (later Wuthnow), Elizabeth Pitz, Sally West, Anita Brown, and Judith Burngen.

What We Don’t Know

  • In what year did the Dental Hygiene Program actually attain ADA accreditation?
  • Which (other than those mentioned above) early or long-time Dental Science instructors do you remember?
  • The pinning ceremony happens near the beginning of the spring semester. What was the significance of the rose in the Pinning Ceremony? and what does pinning mean?
  • Many teaching/learning devices are pictured below.  What are they called and what do they teach?

If You Know More…

Contact  librarians: Anita Gordon Gilmore (, ext. 4369) or John Russell (, ext. 3284).  You may also comment below!

For More Information…

2.  Clinical supervision with Beth Reynolds, October 1972.
3.  The JCCC dental clinic in SCI, October 1972.
4.  Clinical supervision with Diane Perkins, October 1972.
5.  October 1972
6.  October 1972
7.  October 1972 – Where was this taken?
8.00Clinical practice. November 1973.
9.  Patient education, February 1973.
10.  Students enter GEB 233 (now Craig Auditorium) for the pinning ceremony.  January 1973
11.  Students who were pinned, January 22, 1973.
12.  November 1973
13.  What is this? December 1973
14.  Claims to be Dental Staff, January 1975
15.  Dental art by children, January 1972.
16.  Students who have been pinned, February 1975.
17.  What is this? March 1975
18.  Instructors Beth Reynolds and Elizabeth Pitz, March 1975.
19.  Patient education, October 1975.
20.  Reception area for the JCCC Dental Clinic, October 1975.
21.  Dental x-ray, October 1975.
22.  How to brush your teeth. October 1975.
23.  Demonstration and education, October 1975.
24.  Students who have been pinned, March 1977.

One thought on “Sleuthing Series — Dental Hygiene”

  1. From: Margaret LoGiudice
    Date: Monday, November 4, 2019 at 10:37 PM
    To: John Russell
    Subject: Sleuthing series – dental hygiene

    I can provide you with many of the questions.
    I will have to go look in the files for the names.

    The Pinning ceremony takes place at the end if the spring semester.
    Pinning indicates the student has achieved all the program competencies to graduate and take the board exams.
    Second year students receive the program pin as a symbol and a lavendar rose which represents the color for dentistry.
    First year students receive a different color rose, often to represent the JCCC colors.

    Dental hygiene programs must have provisional accreditation from the American Dental Association in order to accept students. So that was granted in 1972 (I think) and full accreditation in 1974.

    I have lots of files with names so the next time I’m on campus i can give you more details.

    Other professors:
    Barbara Clark was the program coordinator.
    Diane Perkins was the second coordinator.
    Trudy Short was third.

    I replaced Mary Lou Walsh as an instructor in 1981.
    Recie Pennel was an instructor in the 80s as were Margaret Cerra and Renee Byczek.


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