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  1. Welcome Back!

    January 15, 2013 by mkinnam1

    Another new semester is upon us, and while that may elicit many groans, college really is a worthwhile place.

    Trust me, there are so many things you will miss once you are working in the field of your dreams. You can’t sleep through your 9 a.m. meeting, saying you’ll get the notes from a friend. Grabbing lunch with friends is so much harder to do when everyone is balancing work, families and other responsibilities. And I would much rather spend a few hours writing a paper than sorting through budget numbers, trying to figure out how to cut funds without sacrificing quality.

    More than anything, I miss the fun I had in college. I miss bonding at club meetings over all the fun things we had in common. I miss the amazing experiences I had when I traveled the U.S. attending various journalism and housing conferences with my fellow club members. I miss just hanging out and goofing off with those friends in between classes.

    Clubs were a very important part of my college experience, as you can tell. Honestly, it’s why I work in higher education. Getting involved had such a profound impact upon my life that I want all the students with whom I work to experience it as well. I love nothing more than seeing a student realize they made the right career choice while listening to a guest speaker at a club meeting. It makes me so happy to see a student so excited about being elected to an officer position. And even a student’s recognition of belonging to a group of friends means so much to me.

    I’m not really one for resolutions, but I do encourage this. If you do one thing new this semester, get involved at JCCC. Join one (or more) of our 78 clubs, get an on-campus job, attend a JCCC 2 the Max event, stop in to any of the fun events hosted by Student Activities, attend a sporting event, and the list goes on. If you’re bored while waiting between classes, see if there are any activities going on by visiting the JCCC Events Calendar. You don’t have a lot to lose by getting involved, but you have so much to gain. I promise.

    By Mindy Kinnaman

    Be Cavalier. Get Involved.

    Be Cavalier. Get Involved.